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[casi] The Immoral Minority

I don't think we need to worry too much about Blair and Bush winning the
moral high ground. Should ayone be tempted to mimic their arguments, just

1. what's moral about carpet bombing a country?
2. what's moral about putting a dictator in power and keeping him there,
turning a blind eye to all that he does?
3. what's moral about starving a nation to death, about denying dying
children medicines to ease their pain?
4. what's moral about using the plight of a people to promote death and
5. what's moral about using morality to justify profiteering?
6. what's moral about being bent on death even though the people who gave
you your job are opposed to it?
7. what's moral about a war that most of the world's spiritual leaders have
condemned as unnecessary?
8. what's moral about plans to occupy a country?
9. what's moral about the double standards that are being followed?
10. what's moral about attacking a country that has done nothing wrong?
11. what's moral about the racism and xenophobia that they are promoting?
12. what's moral about the number of lies they have told and been caught out
telling so far?

and then start asking

13. what's moral about a system that funds arms sales and armament
development whilst people are living in poverty?
14. what's moral about insisting that the debt owed by many countries in the
developing world be paid in full?
15. what's moral about unemployment?
16. what's moral about financial corruption?
17. what's moral about the blind eye or active support being given to other
murderous regimes?
18. what's moral about the death penalty?
19. what's moral about opposing tighter gun control laws?
20. what's moral about their policy on people who are forced to flee their
countries and to seek asylum here?
21. what's moral about the way the Kurds were betrayed after the first

and, believe me, I could go on for pages.

If we're so concerned about morality and 'doing the right thing', why don't
USUK soldiers walk into Iraq and arm the people? Having done so, they could
then withdraw and go home. Why does morality insist on being exercised at
long distance? It's a funny sort of morality if you ask me. The kind of
morality that one might expect from an ideology so morally bankrupt as
capitalism. But, of course, once you start questioning the dominant
ideology, you brand yourself as an extremist or a Utopian and it's so much
easier to dismiss you...


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