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[casi] Using the UN for US aims

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Here is the most recent US plan as reported in the NY times today:

The other part of the administration's strategy is no less important,   especially given the 
opposition to force by France and other countries,  officials said. This relates to its plans to 
present Iraq with specific tasks in the next two weeks that would make clear its willingness to 
      These tasks would include allowing weapons inspectors to interview Iraqi  scientists without 
government "minders" present, the destruction of  missiles that were recently found to have greater 
range than the United  Nations allows, and permitting unconditional overflights by American,   
European and Russian reconnaissance aircraft.
      "We are looking for some early benchmarks, specific things that the Iraqis  will have to do 
to show full compliance," an administration official said.
      He said that Hans Blix agreed to setting such benchmarks when he met with Powell on Friday 
after the contentious Security Council session.
      U.S. and British planners hope that once it is obvious Iraq is refusing to  carry out these 
tasks, Blix will tell the United Nations forthrightly that   Iraq is failing to comply with the 
disarmament demands of last November's
      Security Council Resolution 1441.

COMMENT: All of these requirements are obvious strategems to bolster the US case and facilitate
the planned US invasion.
The US would be happy to spirit Iraqi scientists away, bribe them with offers of sanctuary
    and then report any stories that support their contentions as evidence. So far the UN has not 
facilitated this
but no doubt there will be pressure to do so. The US hopes to have interviews in other countries
where the US will press the UN to turn scientists over to them to provide asylum. Testimony whether 
true or false will be used
as evidence that Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.

 The destruction of of missiles will rob Iraq of crucial
defensive weapons in the event of war. The missiles have only a marginally greater range than 
In fact if Iraq is right they would not exceed specifications when completely fitted out.

 The reconnaissance
aircraft will provide very useful intelligence for a US invasion. Given that all of these 
requirements further
US and UK schemes for an invasion the hope is that Hussein will balk and this will provide the
excuse for a resolution justifying force.

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