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Re: [casi] The Sweeney.

Dear all list members,
For years the American and Western Media put fake and false information and
data about Iraq, nation and government, and these ongoing discussions on
Sweeney reports will not change those media attidude. BBC will do its best
to prove that Sweeny is right!! Only after days the BLOCKADE begins another
year, the year 13th, while the Oil for Food Program is facing a serious
finance problem, according to Ton Mayat the previous UN Humanitarian
Coordinator in Iraq, because 661 committee insists on fixing Iraqi oil
prices during shipment.    In the same time we, in Iraq, expecting another
strike.. I think it is very near since another giant US Company broke, I
mean Worldcom, so Bush is in a very bad need to a new strike just to singe
new weapons selling contracts gaining billions of dollars.
Nobody outside Iraq can imagine how worry we are! I do not want to say that
we love our Iraq, because everybody loves his country. We do not want to see
that again our beloved persons are going to be killed and our bridges,
streets, homes and memories are going to be demolishes just because Bush
does not like Saddam Hussein, or as he believes that Iraqis do not like SH!
Do all Americans LIKE Bush?
The situation needs now to prevent the coming strike. I do not know HOW
since American and Western Media insist on making fake and false stories.
Many thanks to the friends who are ready to come to Iraq to stop the war. I
want to remember them that there were hundreds of American and Western PEACE
MASSENGERS camping on the Iraqi-Saudi border in January 1991 to prevent the
war, but it began and the massagers were back to Baghdad. I want to say that
American Administration always does what it wants. Just remember that an
American friend like Pakistan ex-president Dia Al-Hak, was killed by plane
crash with many American senior officials among them was US ambassador when
he began his work on IB or Islamic Atomic Bomb. Because of the IB Americans
used Al-Hak to overthrow Ali Boto!!
  I am not depressed or desperate,  yet it is time to say enough is enough.

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