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Re: [casi] The Sweeney.

Hi - It hasn't been my intention to make out that Sweeney had all the right
answers, and provided them. First-hand knowledge IS very important. It is
also possible, I believe, to make up for lack of personal first-hand
know-how, yet to become quite 'expert' at something (certainly not me!). One
can write a scholarly book, e.g. on the Roman Empire, or on the Spanish
Civil War without having visited those locations, in time nor space. Many
anti-sanction, ant-war campaigners have never set foot in Iraq (you have, of
course, felicity!), but that doesn't invalidate their views. I have some
strong views on the Middle East, e.g. Palestine/Israel, despite never having
travelled there. I would strongly disagree with some people, who travel
there regularly, or even live there, and consider their views to be
distorted. However,
I do take on board your comparisons with Cork.

Greetings,  Bert G.

>From: "farbuthnot" <>
>To: Bert Gedin <>,,
>Subject: Re: [casi] The Sweeney.
>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 21:24:32 +0100
>Friends: Trouble is, Sweeney did not resort to 'logic and reason' - just
>took selective material to prove his point. There was no objectivity here.
>Bert, to be fair, as you say yourself, first hand knowledge is important -
>but as you also say, you have not visited Iraq. To reiterate - to report on
>Iraq (central?south) from Kurdistan is like reporting on Cork city's
>historic sensitivities over the years, from the Loyalist area of Belfast.To
>report accurately one would have to pop down to Cork and get that
>perspective too ....
>Best, f.
> >From: "Bert Gedin" <>
> >To:,
> >Cc:
> >Subject: [casi] The Sweeney.
> >Date: Sat, Jul 20, 2002, 7:48 pm
> >
> >
> > Dear Hassan & List,
> >
> > Although your e-mail to Kamil may be well-meaning & sincere, I don't
> > anyone is justified in dismissing Sweeney as being cerebrally
> > challenged. However flawed some of his basic views, he is a shrewd
> > Logic & reasoning, backed up by factual information, is a
> > more effective way of argumentation, rather than, emotively,
> > your opponent. I don't know if you saw the ca 11 pages of the remarkable
> > exchange between Zaid & Sweeney. One point I think you will agree on:
> > haven't had access to Sweeney's film, so you do lack first-hand
> > Saying that, you may have come accross
> > other sources of relevant information.
> >
> > You go on to say the "average person in the West is brainwashed by the
> > media". Are you implying that people, in the East, never are brainwashed
> > , by governments, media etc.? You can try to convince me, but with
> > as, presently, I believe that to be an utter illusion, a fairy-tale.
> > the Guardian article - which I hadn't seen - seems useful,
> > other sources may have other points of view, which, following some
> > questioning, leads to healthy debate (at best!). What (apart from life
> > itself!) stimulates thinking & knowledge, of world affairs, in
> > Iraq?
> >
> > Please do not think I am totally unaware of the misery & suffering,
> > never having visited your country, of ordinary Iraqis. That is
> > my main reason for opposing sanctions, and warfare, against Iraq.
> >
> > Greetings,
> > Bert Gedin (Birmingham, U.K.).
> >
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