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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

>Then I looked you up on the web and saw that you are a successful
>campaigner, for example in saving Rover cars, so maybe your campaigning
>skills will be useful in this situation as well.
In that case I brought together the consortium that ended up buying Rover cars.  (I called the 
first meeting of the members of the consortium and chaired it)

>  But even so, you write
>as if you are 'working for' rather than 'working with' (management
>saving jobs for the workers, US/UK saving Iraq for the Iraqis).  Is that
>maybe one of the reasons why you are being criticised?

I am not surprised or upset by the criticism.

Sometimes it is necessary to make relatively bald and blunt statements to find out what people 

There  are a lot of people who know a lot about Iraq reading this newsgroup.  The most 
knowledgeable people are invariably Iraqi.  Some of them have responded to me directly with some 
very useful suggestions.  I hope to have an outline of some draft proposals soon.  I have no 
problem with people seeing that and would welcome comments whether positive or negative.

I am not aware of anyone trying to collate proposals to protect the interests of the Iraqis outside 
the defence ministries of the various governments other than the ODH team.  I must admit I do not 
trust the Pentagon to think properly about the wider issues relating to Iraq or indeed to consider 
the situation from the perspective of people who live there.  The Ministry of Defence have been 
relatively positive - I can quote from a letter I have received if people are interested, but it 
still remains to be seen what happens.

I do think the situation in Iraq is unique from a historical perspective.

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