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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

In response to Tim Buckley

>In any case, assuming, as you do, that war is inevitable, virtually
>guarantees that the war will take place while protesting government policy,
>carrying out civil disobedience, etc, which have been shown to be effective
>anti-war tools in recent history, may, given a sufficiently broad nase of
>support, prevent an attack on Iraq.
I am not asking anyone else to change what they are doing.  I am not asking others to assume that 
war is inevitable.

I am making that assumption, although I may be wrong.  It takes time to come up with alternatives.

If you believe that I am that influential that in merely considering what might happen I am 
"virtually guarantee[ing] that the war will take place"
then you think I am more influential than I do.

>why don't you speak out against it
I have made my position on invasion clear.  I am against an invasion with 250,000 troops resulting 
in Iraq being effectively a colony of the USA (or UK, or any other country).

>and carry out civil disobedience?
What civil disobedience are you talking about?  What, for instance, are you doing?

>Your approach clearly makes you an accomplice in this.
There is no logic to this argument.

 >Do you have any business or economic interest in the outcome of the attack on Iraq?
I have no business links with Iraq.  I have no direct business or economic interest in the outcome 
of an attack on Iraq.  In one sense everyone has an indirect interest in the outcome of an attack 
on Iraq.  If, for instance, oil prices hit $40 for a period of time then there will be a second 
recession and a number of people reading this mailing list will lose their jobs.  I probably won't 
although I may have to make people redundant if that happens.  One thing I do is sell flowers.  
There will be fewer flowers sold if there is a further recession.

In your statement you say "the attack on Iraq".  In making that statement you - like myself - are 
assuming there will be some form of attack on Iraq.  Clearly you don't see any merit in considering 
what may be done to make such an attack less of a problem than it could be.  I am worried that the 
Pentagon are not thinking about the impact on Iraqis.  Clearly you have more confidence in the 
Pentagon than I do.

>Given that your initial assumtion that war is inevitable is false,
It is, however, an assumption that you make yourself in the statement "the attack on Iraq."

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