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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

In message <2002-DEC27-232342.2@?>, writes
>In response to Elga
>You are right that I am involved in politics.

In fact, he is a Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner for
Birmingham Yardley (a constituency in the English West Midlands).
According to info on his webpages he was instrumental in saving Rover
Cars ( and http://www.yardley.libd ).

>We are putting forward ideas for discussion.  If it is not possible to find
>alternative that works both for the Iraqi people and for the rest of the world
>then it will be very sad.  However, noone should be critical of us for trying.
>I am not surprised that we are being criticised both by the hawks in the US and
>also by some of those against any action in Iraq.  Someone, however, needs to
>look for a solution.

True, but...
John, when I read your first post before Christmas (23.12.02 16.20) I
was taken aback by its tone, which gave the impression of 'you just
leave it to us, we know what we're doing' - in fact, in line with
people's worst fears that US/UK leaders are arrogantly 'sorting out' the
Middle East without reference to the people who live there.  Buried in
your message was an invitation for people to suggest ideas - but it
would have been helpful to have had a brief introduction to your group,
plus a bit more warning.

Then I looked you up on the web and saw that you are a successful
campaigner, for example in saving Rover cars, so maybe your campaigning
skills will be useful in this situation as well.  But even so, you write
as if you are 'working for' rather than 'working with' (management
saving jobs for the workers, US/UK saving Iraq for the Iraqis).  Is that
maybe one of the reasons why you are being criticised?

With respect
Cathy Aitchison

Cathy Aitchison
Aitchison Media & Development
Tel: 020 8685 9928

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