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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

Hi John, casi members,
Merry Christmas and may be a peaceful New Year, let us hope.
Reading Johnís emails made me (happy)! Because he now concerns about Iraqis.
After 12 years of totally blockade and daily threatens. To be more
HUMENTERIAN, John calls to an uprising. May I recall what had happened in
Iraq after the aggression of 1991 when US carriers dropped in Al-Nassiryah,
south of Iraq, hundreds of agents to commit different kinds of crimes during
very bloody actions described by Americans as uprising. Again I am saying
enough is enough. If war is coming we are going to defend our IRAQ.
John is satisfied that there are demonstrations in Britain and US against
war. As Iraqi< I do appreciate all those who oppose a new war against Iraq,
but sorry to say they could not do any thing. This Britain and US democracy,
any one can shout loudly saying NO but the governments do what do they want,
this kind of democracy that I call it democracy of SHOUTING, makes John and
others think that they give other democratic advises.
Many thanks because you are thinking for us in Iraq, and be sure that we can
manage our lives, we are amateur enough.
Nermin Al-Mufti, Baghdad

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For a number of months we have had the view that some form of military
action from the US in Iraq is inevitable.  The assumption which we made in
September appears as this year draws to a close to be more and more accurate
(although only hindsight has 20:20 vision).

In the last fortnight we have held meeting with various members of the
varying Iraqi opposition groups, the UK Ministry of Defence and attended the
opposition conference at the Edgware Metropole.

We are arguing the following case:

a)  It is important to minimise casualties and think of the Iraqi people
rather than just the oil
b) It is a bad idea to have an invasion which results in Iraq ending up
being controlled by the US government.  This would be bad both for Iraq and
the rest of  the world (with the knock on effects).

It is, however, the case that unless there is a clear strategy that involves
US support for an uprising by the Iraqi people that the US understand can
work that they are likely to go for what they see as the easy option of

We are, therefore, trying to put such a strategy together.

We will be having further meetings with various people (mainly Iraqis) over
the Christmas holiday period.

If anyone feels they can add to this process please email me as above.

We think we have successfully made the point that an invasion of Baghdad
with the consequent street fighting in  a city that is the home to 20%
(plus) of the Iraqis in Iraq would be something to be avoided.

We are arguing the case with the Military in the UK that in the event of a
decision for some action to be taken to remove Saddam Hussain from power the
opposition should be given support for an uprising before any invasion

Other issues are on the website at

We are looking at the issue of using UN resolution 949 to create safe havens
in the South of the country particularly in the sacred cities.  One
difficulty is how to resolve the issues around Kirkuk in the North.

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