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[casi] Saddam's Message for Christmas


President Saddam Hussein has sent a message to all Christians in the world.

The full message as below:-


In the name of Allah

The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful


Allah has decreed: "It is I and My Messengers who must prevail": for Allah is
One full of strength, able to enforce His Will.


>From Saddam Hussein

To our great people and the people of our glorious Arab nation, especially
the Christians amongst them, as well as to all honorable people, whenever
they may be on this planet.

After praising Allah and thanking Him, we draw strength from Him and rely on
Him, the Almighty, in saying: these days we receive, together with mankind as
a whole, the occasion of Christmas, the Birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of
Mary, prayers and peace be upon him, upon our Prophet Mohammed, the son of Ab
dullah and upon all prophets. It is also the occasion of the New Year which
begins under special circumstances prevailing in the whole world;
circumstances which, as you know, have been manufactured by the forces of
evil and darkness in order to create a situation of instability and chaos,
dissent and antagonism, and tension in many parts of the world. This is done
in order that these forces can hegemonize the countries of the world and
control their fortunes and the wealth and future of their peoples. To achieve
these objectives, the forces of evil resort to various ways and means of lies
and deception, fabrication and false accusation, threats and military

It is in this context that the American-Zionist campaign against Iraq is
being launched, while the tone a threatened, large-scale military aggression
against our peace-loving people is growing louder in addition to the
aggression already inflicted and the unjust blockade still in place. The
aggressors use flimsy pretexts and fabrications, totally alien to the truth,
despite in fact that Iraq has cooperated, and continues to cooperate, with
the United Nations and the Security Council, and has expressed its firm
desire to find common grounds of understanding and action, including our
dealing with the bad Security Council Resolution No.1441, not out of weakness
or fear of anyone, but rather to prove to the whole world the falsity of the
lies and fabrications of the US administration which this to deceive the
international community and public opinion through baseless accusations about
Iraq being in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Iraq wants to prove
the sincerity of its course and position, and that when it says it is not in
possession of any such weapons, Iraq means what it says. Hence, we are
confident that the outcome of the inspection operations will be a big shock
to the United States, and will expose all American lies, if things remain on
a technical and professional course with no hidden agendas, and if only the
inspection teams could rid themselves of the pressures put on them by the
United States, Britain and Zionism. Then the world will discover the
falsehood of the US claims and will see the real intentions of wickedness and
perfidy harbored by US officials. But will matters proceed in a manner that
will ensure the achievement of the Security Council’s declared objective ?!

The game currently played by the US administration, supported by the British
government, with Zionist backing and incitement, has become

well-known now. Its goals are clear to everyone. Now that the great people of
Iraq have, with reliance on Allah, frustrated the desperate hopes of
aggressors to achieve their wicked goals, in spite of the harsh impact of the
blockade and the continued aggression, the headquarters of evil have begun
looking for a new means which may in any way break our people’s steadfastness
and capacity to maintain its Jihad for justice. However, our resilient
people, in all their faiths, Muslims, Christians and others, take today a
strong stand of dignity and pride, armed with faith and high self-confidence,
relying on Allah the Omnipowerful, as they face up to those who have neither
faith, nor shame, trustworthiness, conscientiousness , or even the most basic
of human values. Our people will prove to them that it is full of faith and
vitality, confident in itself, loyal to its principles and rights, united in
its ranks and capable in its resolve. As much as it loves life, our people is
ready for martyrdom in the defense of its land and air-space, its sanctities
and future, the principles of the Arab Nation, its honour and the just causes
of its destiny, in the forefront of which comes the issue of our beloved
Palestine and its crown, Holy Quds; our Palestine, the first of our two
Qiblas and the Third Holy Shrine where prophet Mohammed, peace and prayers be
upon Him, the Jewel of Allah’s creation, had His Israa’ ( ascension to the
seven heavens), and where Jesus Christ, Peace be upon Him, delivered his
Message. Our confidence is high I our people’s ability to overcome
difficulties, with Allah’s help. Our faith in the future is stronger than at
any time in the past; and the heads our people will remain high with faith,
dignity and sovereignty.

The principles and teachings stressed in our Holy faith in Islam and called
for by Jesus Christ, Peace be upon Him, require us to pause at them and
derive from them the great meanings of confronting the enemies of Allah and
humanity, in order to please Allah Almighty, satisfy our conscience, and
achieve our noble objectives and honorable aspirations. The road towards this
end and to deter the injustice, aggression and wickedness of the evil-minded
is the road of Jihad and struggle, through which we can achieve our
aspirations, and towards we endeavor to establish the truth, spread justice
and peace, and spare humanity the evils of aggressors, criminals and traders
of slogans which the world has proven that they lie in their calls for them
especially now that the covers have been removed and the truth exposed.

On this occasion, I extend felicitation, to our Christian people, the
Christians of our Arab Nation, and all true and genuine Christians in the
world. My felicitations go also to every individual in our people, who have
become the pride of our nation, the example emulated by good and honorable
people of the common struggle in the world, especially now that our people
have shown, through their Jihad, steadfastness, capacity and sacrifice, that
they carry the flag and word of truth, not only in self-defense but in the
defense of our Nation and humanity at large. I pray to Allah, the Almighty,
to bestow His Blessing on all together with the strength that they deserve.

Our Great People

Our Glorious Nation,

The high honour is yours, on the basis of your great faith and your noble and
generous sacrifices. Yours is also a bright future, with Allah’s Grace, while
your enemies will receive their deserved shame and all that stains the name
of Man in this world and the next. He whom Allah protects cannot be defeated.
Those who follows Satan will go down the precipice of defeat.

Many Happy Returns of the New Year to you all.

With my greetings of love and appreciation to all those who struggle for
justice, or say the truth in defense of human values against the falsehood of
the American administration, Zionism and their followers.

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

Let the Wretched be repelled.


Saddam Hussein

20 Shawal, 1423 H.

24 December, 2002 A.D.

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