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[casi] OT! Darin.

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This list has garnered quite a bit of respect for itself over the last years.
 This is largely due to the fact that quite a lot of well educated, careful
academics, have come here to share and learn.  CASI has also seen its share of
politicians, journalists, human rights advocates, as well as apologists for
both SH and the US/uk, and occasionally the monumentally belligerent.

Many of us have waited patiently while the struggle ensued to create informed
actors amongst those who care to take the time to learn or to teach, some of
us have done so less patiently.  Periodically we have had those who have
absolutely no desire to learn plop down in the midst of what has historically been
rather polite dialogue and simply begin braying like an ass.

In the spirit of Democracy and academic integrity this list has simply waited
out those who spew their vitriolic uninformed perspective and for the most
part the spewers have lost interest and left.

What I have often found interesting is how the most careful academics on the
list simply wait out the belligerent in silence while those of us who are less
careful rise to the bait and respond to the nonsense with escalating effort.
 In the current situation, some of those careful academics have actually
taken the time to respond, apparently to no avail.

With those ruminations in mind, I wonder, when an individual clearly has no
interest in research, no interest in other's perspective, no interest in
looking for truth that might interfere with their created narrative, but only an
interest in forcing others to inhabit that narrative, why do we waste our time?
Darin clearly has no interest in research, no interest in respectful
discourse, no interest in learning.  Why then would any of you/me waste your/our time
in responding to his nonsense?  I have, as I said in my last email, ceased to
read anything he posts but have followed the posts of those who I have come to
respect who have attempted to better inform his cosmology.

For those of you who have had a belly full of his rantings which
intentionally bypass the demonstrated historical facts, might I suggest the manipulation
of your "delete" button, which is probably the surest way to say farewell to
Darin.  In time, when no one listens/responds to a child's tantrum, the child
will surely loose interest and go elsewhere, Darin is no different.  If he is
ignored, he will look elsewhere for people to taunt.  Hopefully they will do the
same, ignore him, and he can spend his time looking but not selling.


Roger Stroope
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff USA

~Just 10% of our military budget spent yearly on the United States could give
every high school graduate a college education for four years.

~The proposed $48 billion increase in military spending for next year (2004)
is bigger than the total military budget of any other country on earth.

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