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Re: [casi] OT - Fast Food to a Fast Grave.

Hi Bert,

Listen, you can draw all the conclusions you want.  That's your business
and your decision.

I, however, am on a humanitarian mission of my own -- and that is to
save some of the folks at C.A.S.I.  Sure, there are several wacko
lefties out there that think they have a serious axe to grind with Uncle
Sam, but there are those, too, who are just young and mentally bogged
down in idealism.  This is a normal phase, like puberty, and unlike the
wackos, the prognosis for these young folks is quite good.  Above all
else, my greatest concern is for that of the young Americans out there.

You do what you have to do.  If you want to waste your time in an email
orgy where you all bellow: "That dirty rotten Bush!", "Damn that
Rumsfeld!", "Why that lying S.O.B. Blair!", "Why that mass murdering
USA!!!", "Poor Uday and Qusay!", etc..., etc..., etc....  then be my guest.

I could always use a good laugh.


Bert Gedin wrote:

> To Darin & List,
> Do you realise that you got me into trouble, Darin? Someone complained, in a
> personal e-mail, about my swearing. My ?mistake had been to quote from an
> earlier e-mail, from yourself, about "....B...S..." -
> ("Return to Sender!"). But, I'm not expecting you to suffer great pangs of
> conscience.
> 'Return to Sender', as you probably know, is an Elvis Presley song. He went
> to an early grave, very likely for having severely mistreated his own body,
> because of poor life-style. If you over-indulge in substantial solid "foods"
> that Western imperialism fills your plate with, then, by all means,  go to
> town on McDonald's,
> KFC & other junk foods. Then lighting up a cig or two, with your coffee? The
> price to pay, though, is high: possibly, a mortal stroke or heart attack.
> Rather than digging your grave with a knife & fork, how about some "liberal"
> questioning of values, which won't take you on the road to ruin, nor
> sections of the Iraqi population?
> You really do amaze me, Darin: "Ladies and Gentlemen" - a mark of respect!!!
> Or is it merely symptoms of
> 'Blue Rubber Bleb (Bleb?) Nevis Syndrome' - no known cure?
> Good advice not to believe all you read. But how do I know something is
> garbage - because you say so?
> Am I not allowed to draw my own conclusions?
> What is right, or wrong, for Iraqis, for Americans (North, South & Central)
> - incl. Darin - or for others in the world, is a very important question. To
> confront it requires seriousness, clarity plus some understanding of the
> situation. Do we possess such qualities, and are we prepared to use them? Or
> are we much too busy clogging up our cerebral arteries with fatty
> substances,  of very little real nourishment, from Fast Food?
> Politics aside, you advocate helping hungry/homeless persons, instead of
> wasting time with trivial pursuits.
> Are you speaking from first-hand experience, or is it just superficial
> theorising?
> Greetings,
> Bert.
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