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Re: [casi] ! OT! A ridiculous appeal.

I agree, Emir. But Human Rights Watch doesn't
see Blair as a war criminal. They were cheerleaders
for the bombing and the invasion of Iraq - and for
the "humanitarian" bombing of Kosovo. So was AI.

In the case of Kosovo, HRW was spreading the NATO
lies leading up to the bombing - notably the lies
by the German, the US, and the British governments.
Lies about mass graves, rape camps, and relocation
of people. AI also issued 'reports' based on these
lies - like the incubator one.

George Soros, the financier and mentor of HRW
profited nicely from the takeover of Yugoslavia. He
made millions from the Trepca mines, with the help
of the International Crisis Group - another
one of Soros 'humanitarian' NGO. And he will make
millions out of the takeover of Iraq - he has
close ties to the Carlyle Group.

Curiously, HRW is usually unable to follow up or
speak up on human rights violations involving Western
governments. And it is singularly reluctant to take
one human rights violations involving transnationals.

The Yadana Pipeline in Burma is one example: it was
built by Unocal (US) and Total/Elfina (France) using
slave labour supplied by the Burmese government. It
also involved forcible relocations. A class action
lawsuit was brought against Unocal by farmers in the region.
Another lawsuit was brought against Unocal and Total
by refugees. But HRW seems unwilling to consider the
testimonies of these refugees. Fortunately, the
refugees have other supporters.

> a skeptical supporter of HRW

I see HRW as an oxymoron. - The same applies to
the 'International Crisis Group', the Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace, and many more.

I also have my doubts about AI. They too rely
on wealthy backers - who often have ulterior
motives, such government or corporate expansions
by war or other means. AI is in any case highly
selective, as their disregard for the suffering
inflicted by the sanctions regime suggests.

Unfortunately puppet NGOs, such as HRW, are rarely
challenged. But a critical look at their records
and motives might make people less gullible.

Elga Sutter

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Subject: [casi] ! OT! A ridiculous appeal.
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 11:44:46 +0800

HRW News:

Blair Must Raise Rights on China Tour

(London, July 15, 2003) -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair
should spotlight
human rights and civil liberties on his upcoming visit to
China, Human Rights
Watch said today. Mr. Blair is scheduled to visit China and
Hong Kong from July


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