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[casi] ! OT! A ridiculous appeal.

Isn't it just plain ridiculous to appeal to a war criminal
to "spotlight" human rights issue such as " the misuse of
the war against terrorism "???

a skeptical supporter of HRW

HRW News:

Blair Must Raise Rights on China Tour

(London, July 15, 2003) -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair
should spotlight
human rights and civil liberties on his upcoming visit to
China, Human Rights
Watch said today. Mr. Blair is scheduled to visit China and
Hong Kong from July

In an open letter to the prime minister, Human Rights Watch
noted sharp
increases in rights violations in China in 2003, including:
internet censorship
and arrests, renewed crackdowns on Tibetans, intolerance of
peaceful labor
protests, and police violence against citizens protesting
the government's
handling of the AIDS crisis.

"China has been acting as if the world isn't watching human
rights in the
country deteriorate," said Brad Adams, Asia director at
Human Rights Watch.
"This is an important moment for Mr. Blair to loudly express
his government's

In its letter, Human Rights Watch called on the prime
minister to raise with the
Chinese government:

-    the misuse of the war against terrorism as a cover for
human rights
     abuses in Xinjiang province and elsewhere in China;
-    escalating arrests and police violence against
HIV-positive protestors
     in Henan province;
-    restrictions on the right to freedom of association for
-    the ongoing campaign against Tibetans who question
restrictions on their
     rights to freedom of religion, expression, and
-    forced repatriation of North Korean refugees living in
China; and
-    denial of the right to free expression on the Internet.

Among its recommendations, Human Rights Watch urged Mr.
Blair to call on Chinese
leaders to abide by their promise to invite U.N. monitors on
torture and
arbitrary detention. Human Rights Watch also called for an
investigation of the Henan blood scandal that resulted in
the transmission of
HIV to hundreds of thousands of provincial residents, and
for prompt
disciplinary measures for security officials responsible for
attacks on
villagers in the province.

Human Rights Watch recommended amendment of all laws and
regulations prohibiting
workers from organizing independently and the cancellation
of regulations
permitting interference by the government in religious
affairs. It also urged
amending Internet regulations, which are in violation of
international standards
of free expression.

During the Hong Kong leg of his trip, the prime minister
should strongly press
the Hong Kong government to amend the National Security
Legislative Provisions
Bill to bring it into conformity with internationals
standards. Prime Minister
Blair should also urge Hong Kong officials to move quickly
to implement
universal suffrage for election to the legislative and
executive branches.

To view the open letter, please see:

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