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Re: [casi] RC Gets Access to Saddam Loyalists

> Red Cross Gets Access to Saddam Loyalists
> Associated Press Writer

> The U.S.-led authorities running Iraq have granted
> the International Red Cross access to captured
> members of Saddam Hussein's former regime...

How about 'Red Cross gets access to POWs'? 'POWs'
sounds more neutral than "Saddam Loyalists", and
more professional. Besides, it is the appropriate
word. According to the Geneva Convention these
people _are_ POWs, I believe.

And the "U.S.-led authorities running Iraq" are
simply the 'Occupying Authority'. At least that's
the title they bestowed upon themselves via
SCR-1483. But it seems the occupiers are trying
to avoid the term 'occupation', as the euphemism
"Coalition Provisional Authority suggests.

(Under international law, occupiers 'belligerent
occupants' - regardless of the legality or
illegality of a war.)

And international law demands that the occupiers
allow ICRC access to POWs - they are not 'granting'
a favour.

> were respecting the 1949 Geneva Conventions....
> Early in the U.S.-led war on Iraq, the Defense
> Department issued a deck of cards showing the 55
> most-wanted Iraqis. Thirty-five are in custody,
> 16 remain at large, two -- Saddam's sons Odai and
> Qusai -- have been confirmed killed and two reported
> killed.

Far from "respecting", the occupiers are flaunting
the Geneva Convention - and other international laws:
Instead, they are going by the cowboy laws of the
Wild West. This "deck of cards" of the "most-wanted"
is just one example. So is the alleged killing of
the Hussein sons. Not allowed under international
law. It is regrettable that the ICRC didn't speak
up. Henri Dunant must have turned in his grave.

Besides, putting a price on the head of people is a
clear sign that the US has lost all pretence of the
so-called 'civilization' it is always talking about.
So have most of the media in this 'civilized' West.

Elga Sutter

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