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[casi] RE: Comments to Tom -- and Cent. Comm. Min. of Health email address

Dear Tom & All,

Certainly, debate is healthy & neccessary - isn't that what free
speech/democracy is all about? By questioning nothing, we allow ourselves to
be conned, decieved, brain-washed (example: Glen & the notorious "dodgy
dossier"). It says a lot about Tom, that - despite his imposing credentials
- he is not too proud nor self-important to listen & re-consider. A quality
sadly lacking in robots. Roger says: "....
those who truly care can disagree on point, but agree on so much else." Not

Your letter to "the Ministry of Health for Central Command" - oh dear, then
you say "Dear Ministry of
Defense...."! Is that a mistake or is it an error? - Pity you didn't get one
guy's name (hopefully, someone who had a mother, who loved him), that would
have made it more personal. - You start off by putting your cards on the
table, making your requests loud & clear. You express your concerns
strongly. An impressive letter. You have - unknowingly? - followed Amnesty
International's "golden rule" for letter-
writing = "The main thing is to be courteous." You don't address the
"Ministry" (= a group) as if they were a morally anethetised killing
machine, but appeal to their  (dormant?) inner humanity. - Let us all know,
Tom, please, of any developments - good luck!



>From: nagy <>
>To: Bert Gedin <>, casi-discuss
>CC: gedinbert <>,
>Subject: RE: Comments to Tom -- and Cent. Comm. Min. of Health email
>Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 08:04:04 -0400
>Dear Colleagues,
>    I appreciate Bert's points, since I veiw debate as healthy and
>necessary. I
>doubt that I am 100% wrong, but I also am sure that I can not possible by
>correct. Discussion of tactics helps me and I trust others.
>    Based on the reply from the webmaster, I was able to send the following
>the Ministry of Health of Central Command.
>Dear Ministry of Defense for Central Command,
>I hope to be testifying before Sen. Gregg committee re the confirmation or
>rejection of Dr. Pipes as soon as he schedules the hearing.
>I urgent request that you make available (or permit to be made available)
>epidemiological surveillance data for Iraq. Further I request that these
>by collected and reported by an independent agency, since the U.S.
>has lost credibilty in Iraq as the rationale for the re-invasion of Iraq
>unravels daily.
>I was told by the webmaster, that my earlier message had been sent to you.
>Please confirm receipt of this and the earlier message.
>I don't want any of my former students dying in Iraqi or any more Iraqis to
>die, setting off another cycle of violence. Surely we agree on this and the
>fact that killing even more Iraqi, particularly infants (who are at most
>risk), because production and distribution of safe water is given too low
>priority relative to looting oil is illegal, immoral and counterproductive.
>I pray for your safety and the safety of the people of Iraq (and of our
>children and their children).
>Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
>Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
>George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
>Washington, D.C. 20052
>  ==========================================
> >===== Original Message From Bert Gedin <> =====
> >Dear All on List,
> >
> >On Tom's suggestion, I'm happy to forward this, hoping it may lead to
> >healthy debate as to how best communicate, esp. with those in charge of
> >invasion/occupation of Iraq.
>Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
>Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
>George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
>Washington, D.C. 20052

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