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[casi] Can David Kay save political skins?.

New U.S. WMD Adviser Heads to Baghdad This Week
Mon Jun 16, 7:54 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - David Kay, the former U.N. chief nuclear weapons
inspector who the CIA has charged with developing a strategy for finding
Iraq 's alleged biological and chemical weapons, will go to Baghdad this
week to begin his new task, a U.S. official said on Monday.

CIA Director George Tenet last week announced the appointment of Kay to
serve as an Iraq-based special adviser.

CIA and Pentagon officials still maintain that those types of weapons will
eventually be found in Iraq.

The Pentagon's Iraq Survey Group, a new team formed to reinvigorate the hunt
for weapons of mass destruction, will implement the strategy that Kay
develops. The Iraq Survey Group includes dozens of former U.N. arms
inspectors who worked in Iraq over the past 12 years.  ...

David Kay is personally heavily invested in 'finding the smoking gun'...

eg,, from May 25 Telegraph:

Britain finds Iraq's 'smoking gun': a top-secret missile

"David Kay, the former United Nations weapons inspector responsible for
dismantling Iraq's nuclear weapons programme in the 1990s, said the British
discovery proved that Saddam had no intention of complying with UN

"This is the smoking gun we have been looking for," he said. "We have known
all along that Saddam was desperate to develop a delivery system for his
mass destruction weapons, and this missile would undoubtedly have given him
that capability."

Interestingly, this morning I saw footage of Kay's arrival in Baghdad on the
US news.  They showed lots of army people unloading huge boxes from the same
plane, too.

It was funny, as the newscaster was mentioning that Kay has been appointed
to make sure Saddam's WMD are FOUND, they showed the images of the soldiers
unloading the large boxes and crates FROM Kay's plane.   Quite surreal.

Let us see what David Kay 'finds.  Blair and Bush's political life may
depend on it.

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