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[casi] You have my support + some dollars, Mr. Galloway

Dear Mr. Galloway, (an open letter)

        How vividly I recall standing in the rain near you  for hours
after your fantastic address in front of the White House. I was amazed
that unlike US politicians who rarely show up to an event that
fundamentally challenges US policy, you came across the Atlantic, gave
your speech and stayed for the entire event rather than rushing off with
an entourage.

      I am sharing you email and my response with the CASI list in the
hope that it will get the word out that we do not abandon our friends
when they are threatened with annihilation by sheer weight of money.

    In the US, we lost Rep. McKinney and Rep. Lynn Rivers because we
failed help them sufficiently after they took big risks to help up,
thereby encoring the wrath of the establishment.


"GALLOWAY, George" wrote:

>                                                           17 June 2003
> Dear Friend
> In view of your kind support for my work in the past I am writing to
> ask for your help.
> I have launched the GEORGE GALLOWAY LEGAL FUND which will be handled
> 2NL. This is to help finance my legal costs in the libel actions I
> will fight against the Daily Telegraph and the Christian Science
> Monitor after their vicious attacks upon me in April of this year.
> Their utterly false claims are, as I'm sure you will have concluded,
> entirely politically motivated. They are intended to punish me for my
> role on the Palestinian and Iraq issues, to intimidate me and others
> from continuing to make a stand and if possible to drive me out of
> British politics altogether.
> With the support of my friends I intend to fight this. I hope I can
> count you as one of those friends.
> The Telegraph group is controlled by Lord and Lady Black (Barbara
> Amiel), two of Sharon's Israel's most vociferous supporters. On
> Black's board of directors sit Richard Perle and Henry Kissinger, as
> did once Margaret Thatcher. I mention this so you'll know what we're
> up against and the bitter and expensive fight on which I have
> embarked.
> I can't do it without your help and I hope you will donate what you
> can. All contributions will be carefully recorded and will be returned
> on the successful awarding of costs in the case, or a proportion will
> be returned if costs are only partly awarded.
> Cheques etc should be made payable to the GEORGE GALLOWAY LEGAL FUND
> LONDON W1X 2NL. Confidentiality will be respected.
> I sincerely hope I can count on your support in what will be an
> important political as well as legal struggle.
> In any case with all good wishes,
> Yours fraternally

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