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[casi] Re: (CASI) Water, A!, Forum on Iraq and My Deep Apology

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Re: [casi] Forum on Iraq and my Deep Apolgy


Hi all,

In response to Alun. On my wall I have a political cartoon from a 1933
newspaper. A crocodile, flanked by a couple of hyenas and three tigers is
addressing a 'Disarmament Conference.' The packed audience is row upon row
of sheep. The crocodile ic concluding his speech: 'My friends, we have
failed. We just couldn't control you war-like passions.'

Alun's thoughts treat all like sheep. People are too stupid to understand
the implications of failed and filthy water. Water has been amongst the
largest debates and political potatoes on earth for decades. Indeed many
predicted the next world war would be about water. When Tom Nagy's find re
the deliberate bombing of Iraq's water surfaced in his articles (and more
humbly, mine) it was a story that went instantly round the world. When I or
Tom speak anywhere, in any country on the subject and on Iraq and Iraq's
people, (along with many others) it is not only standing room only, it's
people unable even to get in, but waiting outside the doors to hear. Not a
point made in tribute to the speakers, but to the interest and compassion
relating to Iraq throughout the world now.

Iraqis are sort of non people of whom few care, says Alun. So why did
virtually every city on earth erupt with demonstrations on an ongoing basis
prior to this war? Because Iraqi;s were non people, because the world's
public can't find it on a maP? Don't think so. Two and a half million people
in Hyde Park, five million in Rome - Malaysia, Washington, Sydney,
Islamabad, thorughout Jordan, Cairo, Inonesia, all Europe, Africa, South and
Central America all responded in vast numbers.

Alun is worried about any protest re water being read as 'unpatriotic'.
What? So Iraqi's are poisoned and ignored (in absolute contravention of the
Geneva Convention) in order that Brits and Americans can be seen as
patriotic? Patriots standing on the graves of more Iraqi kids? Patriotism?
Thanks, but no thanks.

'All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.'

Best, felicity a.

* From: Alun Harford <>
* Subject: Re: [casi] Forum on Iraq and my Deep Apolgy
* Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 02:15:07 -0700 (PDT)


--- " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <> wrote:
> It's the
> general refusal to examine and
> publicized sufficiently the  underlying vs. proximae
> causes of horrors that
> bother me because the results here in D.C. such
> taboo   lets the U.S. Gov. off
> the hook even if wehn  enables continuing,
> industrial strength, assesmbly line
> efficient torture and death via bombs  bombing of
> individulals [see
> ] and the hugly greater and more
> pain-death induction 
> efficient mode of bombing the infrastructure or
> preventing its rebuiliding or
> resupply.
While this is all true - think of the endgame!
Lets say AI releases a report with all this
information in it.
It would cause a minor scandal in the media but
everybody would forget about it within a week, and it
would make no difference.
People are generally too ignorant to realise the
effect of destroying water treatment facilities.
The media reports as follows:
They are Iraqi people - at worst they are simply
ignored - occasionally they are portrayed as
statistics - if they are lucky they are 'a story' but
NEVER are they portrayed as real people, so very few
people care.

Meanwhile, the US military could over-react and
prevent humanitarian agencies from getting access to
people in Iraq. I'd rarther not take that risk for the
sake of information that will largely be ignored (or
be dismissed as "unpatriotic" - depending on where it
is being reported)

For now, I would rarther they kept quiet.

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