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Re: [casi] Re: (CASI) Water, A!, Forum on Iraq and My Deep Apology

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> Re: [casi] Forum on Iraq and my Deep Apolgy

> Iraqis are sort of non people of whom few care, says
> Alun. So why did
> virtually every city on earth erupt with
> demonstrations on an ongoing basis
> prior to this war? Because Iraqi;s were non people,
> because the world's
> public can't find it on a maP? Don't think so. Two
> and a half million people
> in Hyde Park, five million in Rome - Malaysia,
> Washington, Sydney,
> Islamabad, thorughout Jordan, Cairo, Inonesia, all
> Europe, Africa, South and
> Central America all responded in vast numbers.
And to what end? You can never get enough people to
support a cause that politicians are SO keen for. What
difference did it make? The difference it made is that
now the police try to break up peaceful protests
because it's 'terrorism'.
The fact is that the majority of people in this
country read - and believe - The Sun. As soon as
Britain sent troops to so-called 'war', the Sun
rallied round and so did the majority of the people.
They don't have the time or the inclination to do
their own research
> Alun is worried about any protest re water being
> read as 'unpatriotic'.
> What? So Iraqi's are poisoned and ignored (in
> absolute contravention of the
> Geneva Convention) in order that Brits and Americans
> can be seen as
> patriotic? Patriots standing on the graves of more
> Iraqi kids? Patriotism?
> Thanks, but no thanks.
While I agree with you totally, the American media
throw around "Patriotism" as if it means 'always doing
what Bush says'. Bush says 'stand on the graves of
more Iraqi kids', it's 'unpatriotic' not to,
> 'All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men
> to do nothing.'
I'm not saying 'always do nothing'. I am saying
'choose your battles wisely'.
For CASI, it's a different matter. We have only one
battle we wish to fight.
AI etc. want to come out of this still able to do
their job.

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