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Re: [casi] Encouaging Amnesty, etc. to live up to their mission statement

Dear Tom & List,

It may be very useful to lobby Amnesty International, esp. as you have
unique knowledge, in these matters. And for others too. Personally, I have
reservations about AI. Whilst I certainly wouldn't, as some dismiss the
organisation out of hand (I am a member), I really do wonder if, re.
sanctions on Iraq, AI didn't keep an unduly low profile. They would say, so
I believe, that sanctions were outside their remit. Still, it may do some
good, & your letter may even lead to some re-thinking, followed by action.
In additon to contacting Amnesty, maybe other NGOs & other organisations
should also be reminded, & informed, that many very serious problems remain,
for the people of Iraq, access to clean water being foremost & extremely
urgent. Suzy's idea of an "Iraq Monitor", to replace CASI, deserves
consideration. It could help stimulate discussion & information,  as to how
best the Iraqi people can best be assisted. As a people, they've suffered
more than most, it would be tragic if their needs, following the sanctions &
invasion, poverty & diseases, were not addressed. It is all too easy for
people, not least in the Western world, simply to say that Iraq has been
"liberated", all we have to worry about there, now, is the lucrative
business contracts!


Bert Gedin.

>From: nagy <>
>To:, casi-discuss <>
>Subject: [casi] Encouaging Amnesty, etc. to live up to their mission
>Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 23:59:56 -0400
>Dear Colleagues,
>    How do we prevent the 3rd massacre of by water borne disease of Iraqi
>I'd appreciate constructive feedback on the idea of holding the human
>groups to their mission statements.
>   Here's an example I just sent to Amnesty International which is
>committed to
>halting the execution of kids and torture accross the board.
>    If my notion has any merit, I acknowledge and thank the folks who spent
>years getting Amnesty to opposse comprehensive sanctions on Iraq.
>===tn-amnesty 5/25/03
>Sent to
>In  a stunning  understatement Amnesty's Ms. Kahn acknowledged that "It
>seem more preparation was made by the Coalition to protect oil wells than
>hospital or water plants [in Iraq].
>   In point of fact the most credible sources  from UNICEF, INCRC, to Care,
>Inc, the lead NGO for water rehabilitation in Iraq have said  on record for
>serveral weeks that Iraq infants face an epidemic of cholera etc. in a few
>days,  because, in direct violation of international law,  the U.S.
>continues to  assign  negligible priority to resuply of chlorine to Souther
>Iraq whose supply of this essential water
>purification chemical will be totally depleted in
>less than one week.
>QUESTION: How  will Amnest work to prevent  the almost certain torturous
>by dehydration
>of as many as 300,000 additional Iraqi children due to this industrial
>de facto, torture and execution? Because of the likelyhood, magnitude, and
>finality  of death of total innocent infants, is it not imperative that
>Amnesty  lauch a correspondingly huge campaign to shame the U.S.G. from
>committing this massive act of torture and killing of the the very young?
>    Full documentation is available from U.S. Gov. sources as well as the
>which I shall be happy to share with Amnesty. Authentication is not a
>since the most inculpitare documents on are the U.S goverment web sites.'
>Please reply quickly. The third massacre of Iraqi children which in number
>cruelty threatens to geately exceed even the  Helabja attrocity, is very
>nearly   upon us.
>Thomas J. Nagy, 202/994--7090, member the IPPNW Canadian Affiliate,
>for Global Survival.sty-5-25-03
>Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
>Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
>George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
>Washington, D.C. 20052
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