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Re: [casi] Doctors tell how children's deaths became propaganda

>grams of TNT (my calculations say one billion tabs to
>give 500 gm of GLYCERYL TRINITRATES, but I could be
>mistaken)... And that would require laboratories and
>equipment and time.. Wouldn't it be easy to just
>smuggle it from Iran, Turkey or Syria, like it
>probably did? Besides, Iraq was not prohibited from
>buying explosives or weapons: it was prohibited from
>developing WMDs and the missiles to deliver them, but
>it was still allowed its defensive abilities, and
>missiles with a range of 150 kilometers..

It is absurd to think of this medicine being used as a weapon, of course,
but I'm not clear that Iraq could buy weapons:

             RESOLUTION 687 (1991)

24.  Decides that, in accordance with resolution 661
(1990) and subsequen t related resolutions and until a
further decision is taken by the Security Council, all
States shall continue to prevent the sale or supply, or
the promotion or facilitation of such sale or supply, to
Iraq by their nationals, or from their territories or
using their flag vessels or aircraft, of:

(a) Arms and related materiel of all types, specifically
including the sale or transfer through other means of all
forms of conventional military equipment, including for
paramilitary forces, and spare parts and components and
their means of production, for such equipment;

I read this as saying that Iraq could have or make conventional weapons,
but not buy them -- or more accurately, no one could sell them to Iraq.

I suppose there may be supplemental material, and perhaps revisions, but
this resolution alone is rather sweeping and inadequate. Medicines and
food, however, are explicitly exempted in resolution 661.

It should be noted that also in 687 is found

"Affirming the commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty,
territorial integrity and political independence of Kuwait and Iraq, ..."

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