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Re: [casi] Saddam apologises?

Dear Anai & List,

I am enclosing two articles on this issue.



Dec. 7, 2002. 01:19 PM

Iraqi president apologizes to Kuwait

BAGHDAD (AP)  President Saddam Hussein apologized aturday to the Kuwaiti
people for his invasion of Kuwait 1990, saying he was not apologizing out of
weakness but a desire to set the record straight.

In a speech read on national television by the Iraqi information minister,
Saddam outlined the events that led to the invasion and said: "We apologize to God
about any act that has angered him in the past and that was held against us, and
we apologize to you (the Kuwaitis) on the same basis."

He said that in 1989, he had tried to reach a peaceful settlement of Iraq's
dispute with Kuwait, but that the neighbouring Gulf country's officials were not
interested in negotiating. At the time, he said, American troops were carrying out
manoeuvres with Kuwaiti forces, which was a threat to Iraq.

He maintained Iraq was the victim of a conspiracy by Kuwaiti officials who
were syphoning off oil along the two countries' borders that actually belonged to

He also repeated charges that Kuwait was producing oil beyond its assigned
OPEC quota, bringing down oil prices to the detriment of the Iraqi economy.

In the speech read by Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Iraqi
leader was careful to distinguish between the Kuwaiti people and the country's

Saddam added that Iraqi officials later found documents showing the United
States and Kuwaiti officials had colluded in military plans against Iraq and his
country had to defend itself, leading to the invasion of Aug. 2, 1990.
"There was no hope in solving issues by diplomatic means," he said.

Saddam Hussein says sorry

Baghdad - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein apologised to the Kuwaiti people on
Saturday for his 1990-1991 occupation and urged them to struggle against foreign

"We apologise to God for any deed that angered him in the past, which we
might not have known of and is blamed on us, and on this basis we also apologise
to you," a letter from Saddam to the Kuwaiti people read out on Iraqi state
television said.

In an apparent reference to the US military presence in Kuwait, the statement
read by information minister Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf urged the Kuwaiti people to
join Iraq in resisting the occupation of foreign forces.

"Why will not the faithful, the devoted and the holy warriors in Kuwait meet
with their counterparts in Iraq under the blanket of their creator, instead of
under the blanket of London or Washington and the Zionist entity, to discuss their
matters on top of which is the jihad (holy struggle) against the occupation of
infidel armies," the statement said.
The letter was read on Iraqi television at the same time as Baghdad was handing
over a declaration on its weapons programmes under last month's UN resolution.

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