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RE: [casi] Saddam apologises?

Dear List,
Again, put this together with freeing political prisoners, talks with the
opposition...these are all signs of a policy change that has to be played up
to the hilt by the anti-sanctions movement, because the US will downplay these
signals, Philippa

>===== Original Message From (Hassan Zeini) =====
>Dear Anai & List,
>I am enclosing two articles on this issue.
>Dec. 7, 2002. 01:19 PM
>Iraqi president apologizes to Kuwait
>BAGHDAD (AP)  President Saddam Hussein apologized aturday to the Kuwaiti
>people for his invasion of Kuwait 1990, saying he was not apologizing out of
>weakness but a desire to set the record straight.
>In a speech read on national television by the Iraqi information minister,
>Saddam outlined the events that led to the invasion and said: "We apologize
to God
>about any act that has angered him in the past and that was held against us,
>we apologize to you (the Kuwaitis) on the same basis."
>He said that in 1989, he had tried to reach a peaceful settlement of Iraq's
>dispute with Kuwait, but that the neighbouring Gulf country's officials were
>interested in negotiating. At the time, he said, American troops were
carrying out
>manoeuvres with Kuwaiti forces, which was a threat to Iraq.
>He maintained Iraq was the victim of a conspiracy by Kuwaiti officials who
>were syphoning off oil along the two countries' borders that actually
belonged to
>He also repeated charges that Kuwait was producing oil beyond its assigned
>OPEC quota, bringing down oil prices to the detriment of the Iraqi economy.
>In the speech read by Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Iraqi
>leader was careful to distinguish between the Kuwaiti people and the
>Saddam added that Iraqi officials later found documents showing the United
>States and Kuwaiti officials had colluded in military plans against Iraq and
>country had to defend itself, leading to the invasion of Aug. 2, 1990.
>"There was no hope in solving issues by diplomatic means," he said.
>Saddam Hussein says sorry
>Baghdad - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein apologised to the Kuwaiti people on
>Saturday for his 1990-1991 occupation and urged them to struggle against
>"We apologise to God for any deed that angered him in the past, which we
>might not have known of and is blamed on us, and on this basis we also
>to you," a letter from Saddam to the Kuwaiti people read out on Iraqi state
>television said.
>In an apparent reference to the US military presence in Kuwait, the statement
>read by information minister Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf urged the Kuwaiti people
>join Iraq in resisting the occupation of foreign forces.
>"Why will not the faithful, the devoted and the holy warriors in Kuwait meet
>with their counterparts in Iraq under the blanket of their creator, instead
>under the blanket of London or Washington and the Zionist entity, to discuss
>matters on top of which is the jihad (holy struggle) against the occupation
>infidel armies," the statement said.
>The letter was read on Iraqi television at the same time as Baghdad was
>over a declaration on its weapons programmes under last month's UN
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