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Re: [casi] good point judith, but....

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Oh Judith, I can see you are so discouraged, and I do not disagree with the majority of what you 
say. But perhaps when you become that discouraged, it is time to back off, give the old brain a 
rest, and allow some peaceful time in your life, for inspiration, to come back in. I, too, feel 
discouragement, when I realize that another generation of my family, (my grandchildren) will be 
growing up in this society, going to the crummy public schools, being indoctrinated into things I 
can no way believe in, probably growing up to be drug addicts, gang members or some such monstrous 
thing, because we're just poor folks and can't afford to put them in a better neighborhood, (if 
there even is such a thing, anymore) or send them to private schools, maybe they will die in thier 
youth of some horrible cancer, caused by society at large teaching them to do destructive things, 
such as smoke cigarettes, or from some trace radiation or other pollution left over by some 
irresponsible industrialist, or from skin cancer as a result of being exposed to a sun which is no 
longer beneficial, due to the rapidly depleting ozone, and I may have the misfortune of living to 
see all this. (and believe me, there are times when I would really rather prefer not to), however, 
I think the big difference between me and you, is that I believe in miracles. You have educated 
yourself with all the great minds, on the history of politics, you have sought every rational 
solution you can think of, and have discovered that the knowledge of man is not enough to solve the 
problem. But there are some things in this world, that transcend the knowledge of man, and all that 
he is able to think and do. Seek some inspiration in your life, and you may be able to believe in 
miracles, and solutions, again. You may be right, or you may be wrong, that people would not be 
willing to participate in the kind of protest I suggested, however, how will you know, for certain, 
if you never try? It seems, even though you say you work ceaselessly on these causes, you have 
already convinced yourself that nothing can work. So why bother to even try? How can you succeed, 
if you don't believe? You have lost your faith, Judith, and faith, more often than not, is what 
will save the day. You say that 58% of Americans favor a war against Iraq, but can you not see the 
hope in that number, that is only a little more than half! (which means that nearly another half of 
the people in this country dont support a war on Iraq.) And quite frankly, I don't believe all 
those statistics are correct, they are just one more way the media attempts to sway us to their way 
of thinking, by having us believe that there is a large majority who think the same way they do, 
when that may not be the case, at all. (in other words, some of those numbers are just lies)  I 
think you might be surprised, Judith, at what is possible, if you are willing to try, and to 
believe a little bit, again. It sounds to me, like maybe you just need a rest, for a little while. 
You know how it is, when it's the end of the day, and it seems like your problems are just 
overwhelming you, and you feel like you can't go on, and you just might die, and then you go to 
sleep, and you have a good night's rest, and somehow the sun comes up another day, and you open 
your eyes, and, miracle of miracles, you're still alive, and things seem a little brighter, and 
solutions to the problems that seemed insurmountable, the night before, are suddenly popping into 
your brain, without any effort? Just a little rest, a little quiet time, can provide you with the 
answers you thought were impossible, and the solutions you thought couldn't be found. And perhaps 
by also accepting that there are powers higher than ourselves, and all that we can do, you might 
find some answers, as well. I hope you will soon overcome this crisis of faith that you are having, 
and will find hope again. Good luck to you.

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