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[casi] The Sweeney.

Dear Hassan & List,

Although your e-mail to Kamil may be well-meaning & sincere, I don't think
anyone is justified in dismissing Sweeney as being cerebrally
challenged. However flawed some of his basic views, he is a shrewd reporter.
Logic & reasoning, backed up by factual information, is a
more effective way of argumentation, rather than, emotively, 'rubbishing'
your opponent. I don't know if you saw the ca 11 pages of the remarkable
exchange between Zaid & Sweeney. One point I think you will agree on: you
haven't had access to Sweeney's film, so you do lack first-hand knowledge.
Saying that, you may have come accross
other sources of relevant information.

You go on to say the "average person in the West is brainwashed by the
media". Are you implying that people, in the East, never are brainwashed
, by governments, media etc.? You can try to convince me, but with effort,
as, presently, I believe that to be an utter illusion, a fairy-tale. Whilst
the Guardian article - which I hadn't seen - seems useful,
other sources may have other points of view, which, following some  serious
questioning, leads to healthy debate (at best!). What (apart from life
itself!) stimulates thinking & knowledge, of world affairs, in

Please do not think I am totally unaware of the misery & suffering, despite
never having visited your country, of ordinary Iraqis. That is
my main reason for opposing sanctions, and warfare, against Iraq.

Bert Gedin (Birmingham, U.K.).

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