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[casi] News titles, 22-29/6/02

News titles, 22-29/6/02

This mailing is being sent out for the first time in what I think is Rich
Text Format. If people have problems with this, please let me know. The most
significant item in what follows may be the resignation of former General
Wayne Downing, author of the 'Downing Plan' for taking out the Iraqi
government quickly and cheaply. His dissatisfaction suggests that the
Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz faction isn't doing quite as well as we have been led to
believe. Otherwise its all business much as usual. Two raids in the No Fly
Zones and the incompetent propaganda piece by John Sweeney (I call it
incompetent even though it may have been effective among people who don't
think very much. But if he wanted to make a strong case against Saddam
Hussein's government he could have done better working his way through
articles that have been posted over the past two years in the present
mailing list. I think I could have done better without stirring from my
computer screen)


* [Australian] Navy ship heads for terror duty [The interception of fishing
boats smuggling dates out of Iraq is now being described as an essential
part of the War against Terror.]
*  Iraq Slams Turkey for Extending Mandate for U.S.-British Forces
*  Western warplanes hit Iraqi air defences [27th June]
*  U.S. planes attack Iraqi command center [28th June. This is an attack on
the southern zone, where the previous one was an attack on the northern
zone, so we may assume thay are different attacks. Yet here it is stated
that ŒThe last U.S. attack was on June 20ı]
*  Iraq Says One Civilian Hurt in Western Air Raid
*  US says Iran no longer helping Iraq smuggle oil


*  How Saddam 'staged' fake baby funerals [This article has been much
circulated and discussed on the list. See in oarticular the excellent
mediaLens posting from Katy Connell on 28th June. The article is only
included here for the record. One small observation, though, on the subject
of mass funerals of babies. Though they have certainly taken place, theyıre
hardly an important part of the international campaign. In two years of
producing this news mailing I donıt remember a single article on the
subject. I did a quick search on the word Œfuneralı and the only reference I
could find to mass funerals of babies was in an article by Robert Fisk
(ŒThese children had cancer. Now they are dead. I believe they were killed
by depleted uraniumı Independent, 10 January 2001: Depleted Uranium
Supplement, 19/12/00­14/1/01.). Fisk, who, we imagine, is on our side in
these matters, dismissed the funerals as Iraqi government propaganda but
says that this does not change the fact that large numbers of real children
are dying.]
*  Saddam's moment of truth [Iraqi election on October 15th]
*  Sayyed Muhammad Taqi al-Hakim [Times obituary for leading Iraqi Shiıi

*  Newspaper says Saddam is staging baby funerals
Chicago Sun-Times, 24th June
[Paraphrase of Sweeneyıs Observer article. But note the amusing first
sentence: ŒEvidence is mounting that Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein is
faking mass baby funerals to try to show that Western sanctions hurt
Iraqis', a British newspaper reported Sundayı.]


*  35 Australia Asylum Seekers Break Out


*  Iraq, Iran set timetable for repatriation of refugees
*  Iraq's culture minister to visit Iran
*  Iraq protests to UN at Iran truce breaches
*  Iraqiıs message welcomed in Sidon [Lebanon] after marathon walk

*  UAE 'has most liberal economic system'
by Nadim Kawach
Gulf News, 25th June
[According to the Index of Economic Freedom. The UAE ranks 23rd out of 156
countries. Iraq ranks 155th. But is it mentioned that under the system
imposed by the US and its allies, all Iraqıs oil revenue is given in lump
sums to the Iraqi government which is only allowed to spend it on items
approved by a UN committee made up of its enemies, which will not allow
expenditure on any internal Iraqi economic activity. This doesnıt exactly
make for the development of an economic life free of government control,
does it?]


*  UN urged to oppose US immunity [The US proposal isnıt quite as ridiculous
as it appears, if this account is to be believed. It calls for a Œblanket
protection from prosecution by the court for all personnel taking part in
all UN operations.ı ŒUN operationsı presumably means operations approved by
the Security Council which is under the malignant spell of the Permanent
Membersı veto. But in theory, keeping to the terms of this report, US troops
would still be liable for prosecution for actions taken outside the UN
framework, eg during the war on Serbia, which didnıt have UNSC backing (nor,
I believe, did the war on Afghanistan). My own instinct would be to accept
this exemption, but work for a tighter definition of what constitutes a ŒUN
operationı; and for a strict internal UN disciplinary procedure.]
*  Belgian court rejects war-crimes case vs. Israel's Sharon [While it might
have been satisfying to see Ariel Sharon arraigned for war crimes, the
ambition of national courts to obtain international jurisdiction is
ridiculous and deserves to be squashed. It may be noted that the basis for
this judgement is not that AS didnıt commit war crimes, but that he doesnıt
live in Belgium.]
*  Two world orders [Useful summary of the New World Order which is being
constructed, in which ŒThe new supreme power has substituted the "rule of
law" by a doctrine of "ruling above the law".ı The only cavil being with the
idea that things have changed, that the US behaved any differently in
Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.]
*  A time for dissent in America [Refers to an article in the current
edition of the US journal Foreign Policy by Immanuel Wallerstein advancing
the intriguing case that US power is still in decline following its defeat
by the Vietnamese in 1970: ŒWe look best, he declares, when we attack
countries without armies, triumphing in Panama and Grenada.ı]

*  Murky machinations in US dragnet for Al-Qaeda
by Ed Blanche
The Daily Star, Lebanon
[Nothing much to do with Iraq but quite an interesting account of the
success or lack of it so far in rounding up al-Qaida.]
*  Will US think tanks hatch a viable Mideast peace?
by George S. Hishmeh
The Daily Star, Lebanon, 27th June
[Account of new Œthink tankı on the Middle East - the Saban centre for
Middle East Policy in the Brookings Institute, headed by a pro-Israeli
lobbyist, Martin Indyk but claiming to represent a balanced, middle of the
road approach towards such issues as - er - organising a post-Saddam Iraq.]


*  OPEC job likely to stay with Venezuela [One of the reasons for the
attempt to overthrow Hugo Chavez was the US hope that Venezuela (like Kuwait
in 1989/90) would break OPEC oil quotas. It seems that even with the return
of Chavez this hope is still alive - one of the arguments being that
Venezuela must increase production to make up for what was lost during the
*  France Wants End to Iraqi Oil Policy [Includes quite a clear account of
the present problems over oil pricing. the French proposal is another way of
exercising discipline over Iraq without disrupting the market.]
*  OPEC to hold steady on oil output
*  DJ. UN Panel Approves Iraq Oil Prices For Europe, June 1-15
*  OPEC has new leader, plan

AND, IN NEWS, 22-29/6/02 (2)


*  By invading Iraq, America will lose the war on terror [A brief column
piece. Scott Ritter is quoted - approvingly - as saying: "When America
becomes the arrogant, international bully, we will lose the world on this.²
Which is fine, but the process described has already occurred. The problem
is how to turn Œthe worldı into an effective political force.]
*  Peace has to remain an option [A good summary of the run-up to war so
far, concentrating the attention on the dismissal of Jose Bustani, with his
proposal for international rather than US controlled weapons inspections in
*  Bush warned against hasty action on Iraq [Anxieties G.Bush doesnıt have
to worry about from Britain; and anxieties he does have to worry about from
*  No reason behind Iraq attack [Refers to an article in the Wall Street
Journal by Khidr Hamza, reminiscing about how, back in the 1980s, he had
been working on a dirty bomb. The present article is strong on the contrast
between the anti-Iraq rhetoric and the lack of any real evidence that Iraq
poses a danger. Which is fine but of course it can easily be construed as an
argument for maintaining sanctions (which keep Iraq in the desired position
of powerlessness).]
*  White House hawk [General Wayne Downing ] on Saddam quits
*  Anti-terror chief quits after being 'ignored' [Extract]


*  Sighting in on Saddam [This purports to be the background story behind
G.Bushıs determination to go after Iraq, the switch from Colin Powell to
Donald Rumsfeld. It more or less follows the course of the media reporting
on the affair - a rash of articles on defectorsı tales of WMDs and contacts
with al-Qaida, followed by a sort of hangover in which second thoughts
appear. Except that, according to the article, the decisions made before the
second thoughts began to appear still stand. One assumes however that the US
administration is less subject than this implies to the vagaries of the
media and that it has its own agenda to pursue. Which it isnıt going to
share with us.]
*  Spooks vs. Saddam [A rather strange article from J.Hoagland saying that
the CIA arenıt any good at sneaky operations and shouldnıt do them. They
should only operate in support of outfront, honest activities such as
massive bombing campaigns which have public support. The article seems to
suggest that Œrecruiting an Iraqi general to put a bullet in the brain of
Saddam Hussein or ... mounting any other successful covert operation that
would avoid a U.S. invasion of Iraqı falls into the category of sneaky
activities. Mr Hoagland wants lots of ass to be kicked and to be seen to be
* Gulf War Lessons for the Bush Administration [This article appears to be
proposing a brilliant strategy for taking out the Iraqi government without
deploying thousands of US troops or killing thousands of Iraqis. The essence
of the thing appears to be to air-drop large numbers of troops into the
middle of Iraq, thus cutting Baghdad off from the borders. But I donıt feel
Iıve quite grasped it yet.]
*  US near appointment of Iraq envoy [to Iraqi opposition. Opposition
elements who want to deal with the US should note the respect in which they
are held: ŒUS officials contend that dealing with the opposition is - in the
words of one - like ''herding cats''ı]
*  American reinforcement in Turkey for striking Iraq; Baghdad: dialogue
with the UN will not bring back the inspectors [The article quotes a Turkish
daily newspaper as saying: Œfollowing its decision to start military
operations against Baghdad during the two next month ... the number of US
troopers in Turkey will be increased from 7,000 to 25,000 during July.ı]

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