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Re: [casi] 2 discussions

Yasser, you may call me Roger if you like.  Vnstroope is in honor to my great grandfather's name as 
it once existed prior to having it changed for him as he entered America.  As to what I was 
refering to in my email, perhaps I should clarify that myself.
The Dialogue that I found counterproductive is the dialogue which attacks members of this list.

I do not know Ghazwan, Nermin, or Felicity personally.  I only know of the things that they write. 
I do not know you personally either.  What I do know is that you could just as easily be a 
'government stooge' for SH as they could.  (GandN)  You could be sent here by his Highness to 
disrupt the list and create dissension amongst the people here. WEll, you could, and perhaps you 

Your goal could easily be to impeach the character of the caring humans who take time from their 
daily life to inform themselves, synthesize information, and take whatever limited action that is 
available to them.

What else I know, this is not the forum for personal attacks.  It has been stated before by the 
individual in charge of monitoring this list in just that way.  (I do not know where she has gotten 
off to however.)  I appreciate you not launching personal attacks, not against me or anyone else 
and of course I will do the same.  (I do reserve the right to bash George W. but as he is not a 
list participant I feel as if I am acting within the bounds of propriety. And I would note that he 
certainly does not reflect my values ideas or dreams, and i am sorry World for his Office, i did 
not vote for him!)

As to YOUR  regarding the people of Iraq, well if Nermin and Ghazwan are as you say, people of 
Iraq, then their perspective is a valid one regardless of its ties.  A valid opinion whether you 
find it repugnant or not, as repugnant as I find Bush's.  Assuming the worst of them (which I do 
not) they are citizens of that land and have the right to speak in a fashion that suits them, at 
least as far as this list is concerned.  I support their right to say whatever they choose 
regarding sanctions.  I support this regardless of their political ties (although I am not clear 
what they are), just as I support baby bush to say the idiotic things he says.  That, I thought was 
the point.  N and G are people of that land and as such have as much to say about it's future as 
any of us, even as much as you.  If they are in the pay of SH, they are no less permitted to speak 
out on the way they wish their country to be.

Yasser, I also do not believe that you are a stooge of SH, and I do support your right to air out 
your opinions, just not as they relate to the personal.  I hope that we can get back to the topic 
at hand: Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq?
NOt against Nermin or Ghazwan or felicity or me or you.
If you have any suggestions on how to get the sanctions lifted, i am all ears.  My president has 
stopped taking my calls and the senators don't seem to be responding to me anymore either.

I personally would love for SH to retire, move somewhere far far away (suggestions?), a moderate 
individual step in with a mandate of the majority, and have reform ensue whereby the people of that 
wonderful land may once again join the global community of peoples and add to the collective 
goodness that is in such need of membership.

Peacefully yours,

Roger STroope formerly VonStrophenheimer, or some such.

In a message dated Tue, 23 Apr 2002  8:31:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Yasser Alaskary" 
<> writes:

>Dear CASI members,
>There are two separate issues being discussed which are being mixed.
>The first is whether one should or should not support the US in its plans to
>oust Saddam Hussein. Many people have different opinions, as shown in this
>list, and I respect and acknowledge that - even some of my friends do not
>agree with my analysis - but as long as the debate is healthy then it can be
>beneficial. I agree with M – the people of Iraq must be supported.
>The second issue being discussed is regarding Saddam Hussein's regime, the
>people involved in it, its oppression and cruelty, and the hypocrisy
>displayed by those who support it.
>VnStroope asks how this dialogue is productive. Well, in Iraq the regime
>says whatever it pleases unopposed, because it murders any who attempts to.
>I, and others who have noticed who is writing some of these emails, will not
>let the regime, its members and followers go unopposed on this list. We will
>not let them express the regimes views as if they are the views of the Iraqi
>people. They do not represent the Iraqi people, and their suppression of
>them and the 1.3 million dead Iraqis (this is a conservative estimate) are
>proof enough of this.
>Criticising the western media is something I always do, and regularly call
>or write letters to complain about media biased, especially with regards to
>Palestine. What disgusts me is how the Iraqi regime is attempting to jump on
>this bandwagon, asking us all to ignore and forget its appalling ways. Going
>to conferences about alternative media when you yourself are involved with a
>regime that suppresses and murders any differing voice is extremely
>contradictory, and it is important that people are made aware of these facts
>so they know where these opinions are coming from. Judging from the private
>responses I've had, many people are glad others and I are pointing these
>facts out.
>Felicity points out that everything is monitored here in the West, and seems
>to suggest that this is equivalent to Saddam's regime registering every
>machine in Iraq. Again, you've missed the point completely - in Iraq the
>reason every machine is registered is so if you do anything that might be
>judged against Saddam or insulting to him and his regime you are KILLED.
>These are lives we are talking about, executed for a few words. This isn't a
>game - these are real people. To simply disregard their humanity and equate
>what happens in Iraq with monitoring of telephones and faxes in the West is
>Finally, no accusations were made against Nermin, only facts about her were
>pointed out – facts which she admitted to. And it wasn’t my intention to
>imply Felicity was on any payroll – in fact I was thinking along the lines
>that she is so angry at the US and the West for all their injustices (and
>rightly so), that she overlooks Saddam Hussein’s injustices – what she said
>was quite shocking.
>I apologise for the length of this email and wish you all a good day.
>Yasser Alaskary
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