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Re: [casi] 2 discussions

Dear Yasser and CASI list members

Yasser hates the Iraqi regime. I have learned enough about Iraq through
books and one visit there to share his feelings, though obviously not with
the same intensity as someone who has been its victim. Hatred is,
unfortunately, a legitimate and appropriate emotional response to so much in
the real world in which we live. Only in the communist future will there be
no hatred.
What is vital, life-and-death, is not to allow consciousness and
intelligence to be overwhelmed by this hatred. If we can learn to control
our hatred, it can even be a useful force in encouraging us to fight with
the necessery determination against the enemies of humanity.
However, Yasser hates SH so much that he is driven into the camp of
imperialism. This is bitter irony indeed! The Ba'ath regime is the offspring
of the century-long imperialist rape of Iraq! The US imperialists even
delivered it into this world, in what they called the "perfect coup"!

Here's what the "Response to the UK government's rejection of the Sheffield
petition against sanctions and war on Iraq" (full copy available on request)

"It is true that the repressive and corrupt Iraqi regime has proven itself
incapable of defending the most basic interests of the people. But who put
Iraq's Ba'ath dictatorship into power? Until a democratic revolution in
1958, Iraq was ruled by a monarchy that was beholden to Britain. The popular
regime that came to power in 1958 was itself overthrown in 1963 by a
CIA-organised coup, beginning decades of Ba'ath Party dictatorship.
"In the ten years before the Gulf War, the US and UK provided Saddam with
weapons of all descriptions, they encouraged his invasion of Iran, they
protected him following his infamous gas attack on Halabja. The US even
helped Saddam to crush the uprisings that threatened his regime in the wake
of the 1991 Gulf War.
"Therefore, the UK and US governments cannot exculpate themselves by blaming
Saddam Hussein, since they helped create him in the first place. "

Obviously, it is difficult to summarise Iraq's history and US/UK
interference in three sentences. But this captures the essence.

It is understandable, even necessary to hate. But, as Che Guevara said "the
true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love"

greetings to all!

John S

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