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The French draft resolution

The text of the French draft resolution, together with supplements, from
11 June 2001 is now on the CASI website.

We have:
1. a draft resolution, at:

2. a set of procedures for the UN Secretariat, at:


3. a separate annex of "dual-use" goods, at:

You can access all three through CASI's index of new documents, at:

Analyses of these texts, especially insights into how they differ from the
UK proposal(s), would be very welcome and useful.


In addition, there's also a new import monitoring list from the
International Atomic Energy Agency that has been passed on to CASI. This
lists nuclear and nuclear-related items for which the IAEA's import
monitoring regime for Iraq applies (under the SCR 1051 mechanism). The
annex is dated 3 June 2001; as far as I know, it's the first updating of
this list since 1995.
If anyone knows how it's been modified (stricter? or more permissive?),
please let us know.
The document is currently on a temporary site, but can be accessed from
the link here:


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