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Re: SC1302

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Stuart Halford wrote:

> Does anyone know what Security resolution 1302 stands for ? .... please
> thanks

Security Council Resolution 1302 was passed on 8 June this year, and is
the latest SCR relating to Iraq. For a full list of security council
resolutions relating to Iraq, including a brief summary of each, see

Since its inception in 1996, the 'oil-for-food' program has run in phases
of 180 days, always described as 'a temporary measure to continue to
provide for the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people'. SCR 1302 begins
Phase VII of 'oil for food', and so is largely reiterative of previous
'oil for food' resolutions.

There are, however, a couple of important points:

1. New 'green lists' for items relating to water and sanitation are asked
for. These lists state which items may be imported to Iraq without the
individual approval of each contract by the Sanctions Committee (the
committee established by SCR 661 to monitor sanctions). They first
appeared with SCR 1284, which requested lists for the areas of
'foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and medical supplies, as well as basic or
standard medical and agricultural equipment and basic or standard
educational items'.

2. The permission to increase the amount spent on import of spare parts
for oil industry corresponding to $600, first granted in SCR 1293, is
extended for Phase VII.

3. Paragraph 18 '[i]nvites the Secretary-General to appoint independent
experts to prepare by 26 November 2000 a comprehensive report and analysis
of the humanitarian situation in Iraq'. However, the last 'oil for
food report' (Phase 8 90 day) says that 'the Government of Iraq has
indicated that it does not intend to cooperate with or issue visas to such
experts'. It is unclear whether this will affect the quality of the
report, as most data probably would come from UN agencies already present
in Iraq.

Links to the UN press release on SCR 1302 and to BBC coverage of the
politics around the resolution can be found on


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