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Re: Ronan: Memorial to deceased Muslim Iraqis = HARAM - illegal in Shariah Law

Thought I'd send this reply to the CASI and IAC groups, too, to see if
anyone had any comments regarding this.

I hadn't realised a memorial to muslims might be Haram.  I'll certainly
look into that, as Moonirah suggests.  And of course, I wouldn't put up
a memorial of any sort without consulting appropriate people (indeed, I
considered my original message to be part of that consultation, which is
why I asked for comments).  Before putting up a memorial I had intended
to consult Muslim friends on Islamic etiquette, so I would hopefully
have avoided the international incident you predict!

If the idea of a memorial is out, does that mean one cannot compile a
list of those murdered?  A memorial was secondary to my original idea of
a list of the dead that would stand as a testament to the evil of
sanctions.  However, I suppose this could be considered a memorial too.
As I understand, there are a fair few christians and other non-muslims
living under the sanctions regime, so a memorial to these people would
be possible.  Also, Moonirah, you say memorials to muslims are haram
under Shariah law.  Are there muslims for whom this isn't haram who
could have a memorial?

Anyway, at the moment this is all academic, as I haven't the time to
work on this, nor a list of names.  I'd appreciate any more comments on

Ronan wrote:
> Sent (casi),
> (iac)
> Ronan and contributors.  Internet Website Memorial to Muslims ??  Wa' Allahi
> !!
> With respect, with your intentions to assist a majority Muslim country's
> people in Iraq you now risk an immense insult and to Muslims here plus all
> over the world, an illegal act, which would greatly offend those whom you
> strive to help.  May I, as just one practising Muslim, please suggest that
> you at first consult with practising Muslim Iraqis prior to action plan tasks
> being done ?
> Honestly, you may not yet be aware of the massive response that will be
> incurred in Britain, America and beyond, if you individually or collectively
> fail to handle such matters with consideration to Islamic law and the wishes
> of Iraqi Muslims.
> The best thing that you could all do henceforth is collect a network of
> practising Iraqi Muslim men who have the knowledge, ability and authority
> from our Muslim Ummah
> [ Muslim World Community ] though dispersed around the globe, to consult
> first.
> For example, commence by sending an email to Brother Saad Rashid in the UK
> [University Lecturer] who can put you all in touch with the most appropriate
> contacts for UK, USA and abroad.
> As my Iraqi contacts have clearly asserted to me about well meaning
> humanitarians - they have not really asked the Iraqi people what THEY want
> for their own country.
> Email:
> In peace,
> Moonirah
>   Peruse "Hansard" for the latest on "Kuwait 605"
>   click the British Foreign Office link on our site:-
>   Assalamo alaman ittaba'al hoodah.
>   Regards from Moonirah.
>   British Voluntary Co-ordinator.
>   :-)
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> Subj:    (no subject)
> Date:   10/06/00 19:58:23 GMT Daylight Time
> From: (doddsnet)
> Sender:
> To: (casi),
> (iac)
> Hi all
> Was wondering if anyone on either of these lists has, or knows where I
> could get, a list of the names of people killed in US and UK strikes on
> Iraq since the end of the Gulf War?  I'd like, ideally, a list of names,
> ages, occupation, date of killing and location of killing.  I think it
> would be a good idea to put something of this sort up onto a website as
> a small memorial.  Has anyone done this already?
> I was also wondering if it was possible to make a list of people who
> have died through malnutrition and lack of medicines.  I realise this
> would be a massive list, but a start could at least be made.  Even if
> the list is not comprehensive, a few details about the dead helps people
>X-Mozilla-Status: 0009 statistics have real people behind them, and are
> more than just numbers.  I imagine that a huge list of thousands of
> names could be a very powerful and moving testament to why sanctions
> should be lifted.  If anyone thinks this idea of listing the dead is morbid,
> or in bad taste, I welcome comments.
> Ronan
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