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   1. Blues for Fallujah (ppg)
   2. FPIF News | Iraq Quagmire Deepens (IRC Communications)
   3. Fallujah: upcoming actions (Voices in the Wilderness (UK))
   4. US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah (ppg)
   5. Satan hides in a hospital By Pepe Escobar (ppg)


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Subject: Blues for Fallujah
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 18:44:54 -0500

Blues for Fallujah

Hush. Enough chatter about the stupid American election. I'm trying to
listen to Fallujah right now.

Stop telling me how closest advisors to the aggressor in chief hugged each
other this morning in the Oval Office, and expressed great relief. Scrubbed
teeth, shining all around.

I'm trying to hear the sounds of their helicopters overhead, trying to feel
the rattle in my bones as chop, chop, chop, over Falluja, they draft the
very air into war.

No more stories please about the four-hour lines, the embargoed ballots,
Supreme Court refusals, or the missing youth vote. Speak of battleground
states no more. They didn=EDt even try to change the South. Crashes and cri=
are what I'm listening for. Not more stupid talk about "margins of
litigation," that politico-mathmatic trigger point in which stupid embargoe=
ballots exceed differences in stupid ballots cast.

Chinaview reports (8 hours ago) that two have been killed and six injured i=
Fallujah, but we know since reading last Friday's article in the Lancet tha=
we have to multiply these numbers times ten.

So shush that grating talk about how we're all soon back together in some
conspiracy of imperial purpose, all hailing the chief.

I'm listening for the still-born child, the heart attack, the stroke. The
sound a little person makes when she covers her head with her bare hands.

Please mute that electoral count recap, would you?

I've got to listen to Falluja right now.

Greg Moses writes for the Texas Civil Rights Review. Moses contributed a
chapter on civil rights under Clinton and Bush for Dime's Worth of
Difference: Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils. He can be reached at:


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Organization: Interhemispheric Resource Center
Subject: FPIF News | Iraq Quagmire Deepens
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 15:54:08 -0700

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What=92s New at FPIF
=93Working to make the U.S. a more responsible global leader and partner=94

November 8, 2004

Introducing a new commentary from Foreign Policy In Focus

The Iraq Quagmire Deepens
By Erik Leaver

Authorities in Washington have not only misread the =93mandate=94 that the =
electorate supposedly gave them on November 2, they have misread the milita=
and political situation in Fallujah and the rest of Iraq. The administratio=
should learn from past mistakes. The mantra of destroying the village to sa=
it didn=92t work in Vietnam. Its prospects for success in Iraq aren't any b=

Erik Leaver is policy outreach director for the Foreign Policy In Focus pro=
at the Institute for Policy Studies ( He's one of the
authors of a recently released IPS and FPIF report titled "A Failed 'Transi=
The Mounting Costs of the Iraq War."=A0

See new FPIF commentary online at:

With printer friendly PDF version at:

Produced and distributed by FPIF:=93A Think Tank Without Walls,=94 a joint =
of Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC) and Institute for Policy Studies

For more information, visit If you would like to add a
name to the =93What=92s New At FPIF=94 list, please email: communications@i=,
giving your area of interest.

Also see our Progressive Response newsletter at:

Interhemispheric Resource Center(IRC)
Siri D. Khalsa
Outreach Coordinator


Siri D. Khalsa
Communications Coordinator
Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC)

IRC Projects Online:
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Self-Determination In Focus (
Project Against the Present Danger (


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From: "Voices in the Wilderness \(UK\)" <>
To: "Voices UK" <>
Subject: Fallujah: upcoming actions
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 19:10:37 -0000

[A] Anti-war actions tomorrow, Wednesday 10th November (including nonviolen=
direact action in London)
[B] Nonviolent Direct Action training workshop this Sunday, 14th November
[C] Rapid response alert re. the BBC from Media Lens.

Dear friends and fellow anti-war activists,

'U.S. Army and Marine units thrust through the center of ... Fallujah' toda=
(AP, 9 November) as US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declared that
'[c]ivilians in the city ... got plenty of warning to steer clear of the
fighting between U.S. and insurgent forces' (AP, 9 November). Those
remaining - including men under 45, whom US forces 'warned ... through
loudspeakers and leaflets on Friday' would be detained if they tried to
leave the city (Reuters, 5 Nov) - will, presumably, have only themselves to
blame when their houses are flattened by US bombs or they are shot by US

On Sunday, Fallujah General Hospital 'was selected as an early target
because the American military believed that it was the source of rumors
about heavy casualties. "It's a center of propaganda," a senior American
officer said Sunday' (NYT, 8 Nov). 'This time around, the American military
intends to fight its own information war, countering or squelching what has
been one of the insurgents' most potent weapons' ie. the truth.

Author and activist Rahul Mahajan (who spent time in Fallujah during the
April siege) notes that 'doctors were allowed to resume treating patients,
but it's for damn sure that few if any of Fallujah's wounded will be brough=
there -- and, in fact, with both bridges seized, it will be nearly
impossible (Fallujah General is across the Euphrates from most of the city)=
as it was during the last assault' (

Meanwhile here in the UK, there were protests in over 30 towns and cities
last night, including vigils and protests in Swindon, York and Brighton.
Four people were arrested in Edinburgh as the US Consulate was spattered
with blood red paint and covered in anti-war slogans. In Cambridge,
protestors staged a rush-hour demonstration, a rally in Market Square, as
well as taking to the roof of the Guildhall with banners [more pics], and
spraying anti-war graffiti. In London hundreds demonstrated outside Downing
Street while others blocked roads and painted anti-war graffiti (see Army recruitment centres were surrounded with police
tape (London) and splattered with fake blood (Brighton).

Tonight actions will be taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton,
Bristol, Oxford, Sheffield, and Wrexham (again see for
details). More actions are planned for tomorrow (see [A] below). Also, don'=
forget this Sunday's nonviolent direct action training workshop (see [B]
below) - Fallujah is just one of 20-30 towns and cities across Iraq that
where the Pentagon is planning to 'take back control' before January.

Yours in solidarity,

voices uk


[Please send us the details for your upcoming actions]

- PROTEST AND RALLY: 5.30 - 7pm, in Parliament Square. Organised by the Sto=
the War Coalition (
- NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION: Meet 7pm at the statue of Edith Cavell (opposit=
the entrance to the National Portrait Gallery, north-east of Trafalgar
Square). Called by an ad hoc collection of nonviolent activists. Please
bring your own placards, banners etc...!

MANCHESTER: Rally and Vigil for peace: No more bloodshed - Withdraw the
Black Watch troops
Wednesday 10th November @ 5pm, The Peace Gardens, (next to Manchester Town
Hall). Bring candles

MILTON KEYNES: outside railway station Central Milton Keynes, 5:30-7:00pm,

OSWESTRY: Oswestry, Wednesday 10th, Bailey Street, 11.30am-1pm. Oswestry
Coalition for Peace

WREXHAM: Candle-lit vigil at Plas Coch Roundabout on Mold Road, Wrexham
every weekday night this week (8th - 12th November).  The vigils will be
held from 5.30 =96 7.00pm. Organised by the Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum,
call 0845 330 4505 (local rate number) or email


Sunday 14th November, 11am - 4pm, 7a Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (nearest
tubes Whitechapel and Shadwell).

Angry at the ongoing carnage in Iraq? Want to take part in (or organise)
some direct action or civil disobedience but feel you lack the confidence,
skills or knowledge? Then this is the workshop for you!

The aim of the NVDA workshop is to give you the chance to explore issues an=
techniques that will help build confidence in new and more experienced
activists alike. This workshop will look at practical techniques to deal
with confrontational situations nonviolently, hold an effective blockade or
sit down protest, and make decisions quickly and democratically in an actio=
situation. It'll also look at the support roles that are vital to making
actions happen. There will also be a full briefing on your legal rights and
what happens should you get arrested.

The workshop is a largely practical one, so come prepared for some physical
exercises. Don't worry if there are limits to your physical mobility - we
can accommodate everyone, just let the workshop leaders know when you get
there. Please wear loose, sturdy and comfortable clothes.

Organised by Voices UK.  0845 458 2564.

If your group would like to attend the workshop but can't make it into
London then Seeds for Change  (, 0845 458 4776 )
run excellent workshops on these and other topics and - provided you can
cover their travel expenses - are prepared to travel the length and breadth
of the country to come to you. Use them!


Introduction - Pacifying The Population

In 1984, Edward Herman and Frank Brodhead described how "demonstration
elections" are "organised and staged by a foreign power primarily to pacify
a restive home population, reassuring it that ongoing interventionary
processes are legitimate and appreciated by their foreign objects." (Herman
and Brodhead, Demonstration Elections, South End Press, 1984, p.5)

In the case of Iraq, it is of course vital that domestic audiences in the U=
and UK be persuaded that their governments are killing Iraqis with the
support of, even on behalf of, Iraqis themselves. The possibility that
Iraqis might be dying in their tens of thousands for Western power and
profit must, of course, be kept so far out of sight that it is barely even

In this morning's ZNet commentary, Herman notes that there may be a
demonstration election planned for Iraq in January:

"But meanwhile it is nominally ruled by Ayad Allawi, openly selected by US
officials, but taken by the media (and Kofi Annan and the UN) as a genuine
leader of Iraq. In the runup to 'saving' Fallujah, US military officials sa=
that they are awaiting a go-ahead from the head-of-sovereign-Iraq, Mr.
Allawi, for permission! Like the United States needed a go-ahead from [Sout=
Vietnamese] Generals Ky and Thieu to ravage their country with Agent Orange
and napalm!" (Herman, ZNet Commentary, 'We Had To Destroy Fallujah in Order
to Save It,' November 8, 2004)

The Iraqi leader's mythical go-ahead being, again, vital in providing
legitimacy for an attack on a Third World city with main battle tanks and
supersonic bombers.

Today, the broadcast media announced that the long-awaited superpower
assault on Fallujah - a city of 300,000 people, of whom some 30,000 are sai=
to remain - had begun.

Remarkably, the courageous ITV News reporter, Julian Manyon, did not fall
into line. On today's 12:30 Lunchtime News, Manyon said:

"We've had now, this morning, the formality - some would call it, I'm
afraid, the fiction - that Iyad Allawi, the prime minister of Iraq, has
given the official order to commence the operation against Fallujah. Of
course in reality it is an American operation." (Manyon, ITV News, 12:30pm,
November 8, 2004)

This is not the hymn sheet from which the media is supposed to be singing.
Fortunately, the post-Hutton BBC is on hand to channel official propaganda
with the power to reassure and bamboozle the viewing public. The BBC's
lunchtime news anchor, Anna Ford, opened today's news with this solemn

"Iraq's prime minister, Iyad Allawi, has said he has given American and
Iraqi forces the authority to clear Fallujah of terrorists." (Ford, BBC 1,
13:00 News, November 8, 2004)

Almost everything in this statement is false: Allawi is not the legitimate
prime minister of Iraq, he is an American-installed stooge. Allawi did not
give authority to US forces to attack Fallujah - +they+ are the authority i=
Iraq, Allawi is their mouthpiece. The US goal is not to "clear Fallujah of
terrorists"; it is to crush Iraqi resistance to US control of their country=

BBC executives justify affording such high-profile coverage to Allawi's
words on the grounds that he is the Iraqi leader. If similar coverage had
been proposed for the Soviet-imposed rulers of Afghanistan in the 1980s, th=
same BBC executives would have fallen about laughing. Might, quite simply,
makes right.

On the same news programme, the BBC's 'embedded' correspondent, Paul Wood,
gave a report that included footage of US forces and an Iraqi commando unit
storming a hospital in Fallujah. Iraqi prisoners were shown being tied up
and blindfolded. Wood said:

"The insurgents here were quickly overpowered, and without a shot fired."

On ITV, Manyon had told us 30 minutes earlier that half of these hospital
"insurgents" had immediately been released.

Footage followed of a speech by US marine general John Sattler to troops:

"This town's being held hostage by mugs, thugs, murderers and intimidators.
All they need is for us to give them the opportunity to break the back of
that intimidation."

Wood added:

"Officers from this battalion are meeting now. I think, probably, following
the press conference by prime minister Allawi, they will come back to tell
these marines that finally the operation is on."

Anna Ford spoke again from the studio:

"Iraq's interim prime minister, Iyad Allawi, said the rule of law will be
imposed in Fallujah very soon."

And then to a clip of Allawi's press conference:

"We are after terrorists, we are not after anybody else. And all the Iraqi
people, including people in Fallujah, they want us to go ahead and finish
the terrorists, and have the rule of law prevail in Fallujah, and this is
what we intend to do."

Again and again, the impression was given that Allawi was in charge, that h=
was giving the orders, that he was intent on bringing 'law and order',
rather than US control, to Iraq. You could not guess from today's BBC
lunchtime news that this is in fact a war between illegal foreign occupiers
and local resistance fighters.

The impression given was that Iraqis were directing the war being waged on
their own people, with Western control and goals whitewashed to
invisibility. This has the effect of pacifying and disarming British public
opinion, so reducing resistance, so making it easier for the West to
continue killing for control and profit.

Claire Marshall then reported from Baghdad:

"He [Allawi] said that he has given his authority to the multinational and
to the Iraqi forces. This does seem to be the authority which they were
waiting for in order to carry out their full-scale assault, possibly into
the centre of Fallujah."

Imagine how horrified we would have been to hear crude propaganda of this
kind from a Soviet journalist reviewing Red Army actions in Afghanistan.
Marshall continued:

"Prime minister Iyad Allawi also suggested that the fight will go on. He
said that 'any place in Iraq which houses terrorists will now be cleaned'."

Thus, on seven occasions, the BBC gave the impression that Allawi was the
real authority in Iraq, so promoting the lethal myth that the assault on
Fallujah is essentially an Iraqi operation against "terrorists" and "mugs,
thugs, murderers and intimidators", to be "cleaned" and "cleared". There
were no balancing words from commentators opposed to the US waging an
illegal high-tech war against city slums.

Marshall added:

"Basically the people who are still in the town of Fallujah are those who
either have nowhere else to go, or those who are trying to protect their
houses from looting, or those who want to join in the fight."

One other category springs to mind - those who are too young, old, sick and
infirm to move at all.

The goal of Media Lens is to promote rationality, compassion and respect fo=
others. In writing letters to journalists, we strongly urge readers to
maintain a polite, non-aggressive and non-abusive tone.

Write to Anna Ford

Write to Paul Wood

Write to Claire Marshall

Write to Helen Boaden, director of BBC News

Please also send all emails to us at Media Lens:

Visit the Media Lens website:

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Subject: US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 13:57:14 -0500

US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah
  FALLUJAH, November 10 ( & News Agencies) - US troops are
reportedly using chemical weapons and poisonous gas in its large-scale
offensive on the Iraqi resistance bastion of Fallujah, a grim reminder of
Saddam Hussein's alleged gassing of the Kurds in 1988.
"The US occupation troops are gassing resistance fighters and confronting
them with internationally-banned chemical weapons," resistance sources told
Al-Quds Press Wednesday, November 10.

The fatal weapons led to the deaths of tens of innocent civilians, whose
bodies litter sidewalks and streets, they added.

"They use chemical weapons out of despair and helplessness in the face of
the steadfast and fierce resistance put up by Fallujah people, who drove US
troops out of several districts, hoisting proudly Iraqi flags on them.
Resistance has also managed to destroy and set fire to a large number of US
tanks and vehicles.

"The US troops have sprayed chemical and nerve gases on resistance fighters,
turning them hysteric in a heartbreaking scene," an Iraqi doctor, who
requested anonymity, told Al-Quds Press.

"Some Fallujah residents have been further burnt beyond treatment by
poisonous gases," added resistance fighters, who took part in Golan battles,
northwest of Fallujah.

In August last year, the United States admitted  dropping the
internationally-banned incendiary weapon of napalm on Iraq, despite earlier
denials by the Pentagon that the "horrible" weapon had not been used in the
three-week invasion of Iraq.

After the offensive on Iraq ended on April 9 last year, Iraqis began to
complain about  unexploded cluster bombs  that still litter their cities.

Media Blackout

 The sources said that the media blackout, the banning of Al-Jazeera
satellite channel and subjective embedded journalists played well into the
hands of the US military.

"Therefore, US troops opted for using internationally banned weapons to
soften the praiseworthy resistance of Fallujah people.

"More and more, the US military edits and censors reports sent by embedded
journalists to their respective newspapers and news agencies," the sources

Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem Al-Shaalan had said Tuesday, November 9, would
be decisive.

"Al-Shaalan declaration meant nothing but the use of chemical weapons and
poisonous gases to down Fallujah fighters," observers told Al-Quds Press.


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To: <>
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Subject: Satan hides in a hospital By Pepe Escobar
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 14:03:11 -0500

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Asia Times November 11

Satan hides in a hospital
By Pepe Escobar

Everything one needed to know about the true, unspinnable foreign policy of=
 the second George W Bush administration is represented by the "capture" of=
 the first strategic target in the assault on Fallujah: the general hospita=
l, on the left bank of the Euphrates, now totally cut off from the city. Ac=
cording to the Bush administration world view, this is the house where Sata=
n lives.

Bush-installed interim Iraqi Prime Minster Iyad Allawi announced with a smi=
le of victory that he personally ordered the capture of the hospital. So ma=
ybe it was not the Pentagon: it was an unelected politician asking a foreig=
n occupation army to attack a hospital in his own country and preventing do=
ctors and ambulances from entering a city under siege.

The assault, dubbed Operation Phantom Fury, perversely started on Laylat e-=
Qadr, the most important and holy night of the year for the Islamic world.

In terms of the information war, the hospital was indeed the most strategic=
 of targets. During the first siege of Fallujah in April, doctors told inde=
pendent media the real story about the suffering of civilian victims. So th=
is time the Pentagon took no chances: no gory, disturbing photos of the eld=
erly, women and children - the thousands unable to leave Fallujah in advanc=
e of this week's offensive, the civilian victims of the relentless bombing.

But this did not prevent the world from seeing doctors and patients at the =
hospital handcuffed to the floor - as if they were terrorists. Hospital dir=
ector Dr Salih al-Issawi told Agence France-Presse that the Americans block=
ed him and other doctors from going to the center of Fallujah to help anoth=
er clinic in distress; he also said an ambulance that tried to leave the ho=
spital was shot at by the Americans - just like in April, when all ambulanc=
es were targeted. The Geneva Convention is explicit: in a war situation, ho=
spitals and ambulances are neutral.

The Pentagon does not do "collateral damage" body counts. But as its relati=
onship with the people of Fallujah now consists of a non-stop barrage of he=
avy metal, the Pentagon is certainly in a much better position than Falluja=
h's doctors to estimate the amount of civilian victims of its own bombing.

The marines are not only occupying a hospital; they even turned it into a m=
ilitary position, as they were using positions around it to attack the resi=

Cluster-bomb democracy
The Pentagon's key primary target in Fallujah has been information: doctors=
 in hospitals, telephone lines that people use to tell the world about the =
civilians' plight. Most of the world is interpreting Fallujah through embed=
ded, Pentagon-censored reporters and Arab television. The Pentagon line is =
American "heroes" on the way to "liberate" the people of Fallujah. Iraqis, =
Arabs, 1.3 billion Muslims, the majority of European public opinion and dec=
ent Americans won't be fooled - again.

Asia Times Online sources close to the resistance say the talk in the stree=
ts of Baghdad is that the bulk of the estimated 2,500 mujahideen in Falluja=
h have already left to Baghdad, Ramadi, Samarra, Haditha, Khaldiya, and eve=
n Mosul in the north. Even before the assault on Fallujah, there were more =
than 100 resistance attacks a day all over the country. The main story play=
ing in the Arab world in the past 24 hours is that of Mohammed Abboud - who=
 saw his nine-year-old son bleed to death of shrapnel wounds when his house=
 in Fallujah was hit because he could not venture out to go to a hospital. =
Abboud had to bury his son in his own garden.

Terrified Fallujans calling Baghdad tell of A-10 jets raining cluster bombs=
 on the city's streets. Iraqi (very) black humor qualifies unexploded clust=
er bombs as the Iraqi version of Toys "R" Us: children get injured or kille=
d because they think cluster bombs are toys. Everyone is talking of "scores=
 of bodies" in streets destroyed by US bombing. There is no power, no water=
, shops are closed, food is scarce and practically no medical supplies rema=
in, according to Dr Sami al-Jumaili, speaking to al-Jazeera. No more clinic=
s are open throughout the city - and there is no possible way to estimate h=
ow many civilians are dead, blown up, burned or injured, although al-Jumail=
i tells of "scores of injured civilians". A brand-new clinic funded by a Sa=
udi Islamic relief non-governmental agency was bombed by the Americans duri=
ng the weekend, as well as a medical dispensary in the city center: this wa=
s apparently the last place where anybody could get any medical attention.

Fadhil Badrani, a reporter for the British Broadcasting Corp (BBC) World Se=
rvice in Arabic, is one of the very few journalists inside Fallujah. He wri=
tes that "a lot of the mosques have also been bombed. For the first time in=
 Fallujah, a city of 150 mosques, I did not hear a single call to prayer th=
is morning. I broke my Ramadan fast yesterday with the last of our food - t=
wo potatoes and two tomatoes. The tomatoes were rotten because we have no e=
lectricity to run the fridge. My neighbors - a woman and her children - cam=
e to see me yesterday. They asked me to tell the world what is happening he=
re. I look at the devastation around me and ask - why?"

The mujahideen battle plan
Apart from a maximum of 1,500 "Arab brothers" - as the Iraqis call them - f=
rom Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Tunisia, most of the remaining m=
ujahideen in Fallujah are nationalist Iraqis whose tribal code mandates tha=
t they defend at any cost their homes, their families and their city under =
foreign attack.

They have been preparing for this onslaught for months. And they do have a =
battle plan - as it was relayed to Asia Times Online by sources in Baghdad.=
 Former or retired Iraqi army officials have always been serious students o=
f Viet Minh tactics and Che Guevara's theory of the guerrilla foco (center =
of guerrilla operations). Now they are applying this to urban warfare. This=
, in a smaller version, is what the Battle of Baghdad would have been like =
in April 2003.

The Americans are closing in toward the city center, under fire from mujahi=
deen equipped with only Kalashnikovs and rocket-propelled grenades hidden i=
n clusters of low-roof houses. The Americans are firing back at the houses =
and at anything that moves. They have been prevented - at least for now - b=
y the resistance from storming any buildings. Their priority is to control =
the main bombed-out roads.

The mujahideen are operating with small mobile units of five or six or a ma=
ximum of 20 fighters, changing positions all the time. As a counter-measure=
, American snipers are trying to control the rooftops. The mujahideen are t=
rying to attract as many American troops to the city center as possible - s=
o they can unleash what seems to be hundreds of coordinated car bombs and i=
mprovised explosive devices.

People in Baghdad are also telling of US$3,000 being offered for any batter=
ed old car to be used as part of a counter-offensive coming in behind the U=
S positions once the house-to-house battle in the city center is fully enga=

Boycotting the election
The US approach in Iraq appears to be a rehashing of the British imperial d=
ictum of "divide and rule". Dr Harith al-Dhari, secretary general of the po=
werful Association of Muslim Scholars, says the scheduled January election =
would be held "over the corpses of those killed in Fallujah and the blood o=
f the wounded", and has called on all Iraqis to boycott it. The association=
 sides with the people of Fallujah - not Allawi: "We have said we support t=
he resistance since the occupation of this country began. This is our right=
 as Iraqis. Therefore, we don't need a fatwa on this issue as this matter i=
s clear."

As yet another measure - if any were needed - of the illegitimacy of the Al=
lawi government, Secretary of Defense Hassim al-Sha'alan recognized on al-A=
rabiya TV that the resistance won't be finished, even when the Americans fi=
nally take Fallujah, because "they have already prepared to fight in other =
places". This only confirms the above-mentioned that the bulk of the mujahi=
deen have already left Fallujah - and are now launching dozens of daily att=
acks in Baghdad itself, Ramadi, Baquba, Latifiyah, Samarra, Khaldiya, Kirku=
k ...

Hospitals "captured", showers of cluster bombs, Fallujah burning, civilians=
 dying, not to mention the more than 100,000 Iraqis killed since the beginn=
ing of the invasion-occupation, the country's infrastructure in tatters, th=
e center of Najaf and a great deal of Sadr City razed to the ground. This i=
s the way Phantom Fury will end: not with terrified Iraqis voting for an Al=
lawi-modeled puppet regime in a sham election, but with a Bush administrati=
on forced to deal with Iraqis who are ready to die to achieve real democrac=

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