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[casi-analysis] Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and Iraq (fwd)

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From: Geoffrey Holland <>


I wondered if you might be interested to see a report
on the Government's response to the US supply of
biological materials to Iraq, which has just been
submitted to all Members of Parliament. It is
available on-line at:

The report is the result of a research
project/campaign to Parliament which began at the
University of Sussex in February 2003. It includes a
chronology of all Parliamentary statements, questions
and answers which have occured since then, relating to
the 1994 US Senate Riegle Report, the findings of
which were only introduced in the House of Commons for
the first time in February 2003 during a debate on the
then-impending war in Iraq. The report also includes
links to other related documents.

I hope this is of interest. Please feel free to
forward to others to whom it may be relevant.

With best wishes

Geoffrey Holland
School of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
University of Sussex

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