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Re: [casi-analysis] Baghdad Bulletin - a reply

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Dear List,

This is indeed the most outrageous request I have ever
come across!!

CASI posted differing opinions from opposing views of
the Iraqi issue. Some were even malicious and
insulting, and some were outright lies and
fabrications. We had the right to discuss those issues
and agree or disagree with them. But no one ever asked
the list manager to take down an article which he or
she believed to be “offending and crucially untrue”.

The Mission of the Baghdad Bulletin as posted by them
in May 2003 states the following:

“The Baghdad Bulletin is committed to covering the
issues surrounding the redevelopment of Iraq after
Saddam Hussein's rule. It is a non-partisan
publication whose only tenet is that the presence of a
free press offering a forum for all sides is an
inalienable human right.

With balanced investigative journalism from a mixture
of Iraqi and foreign staff writers, Baghdad Bulletin
aims to provide insightful news from inside Iraq.
Baghdad Bulletin also publishes opinionated "Guest"
articles which tackle Iraqi issues from a range of

During this period of political transition,
multinational contract winning, private investment and
institution building, this newspaper aims to provide a
forum for questioning and debating the efficiency,
value and socio-economic implications of these

This is exactly what Felicity Arbuthnot did: practiced
her “inalienable human right” to “question and debate
the efficiency, value and socio-economic implications
of the events in Iraq”, in a forum which believes in
free press and in the right to disagree.

As of Wednesday, Lord Butler still insists that Iraq
had mobile weapons labs and that Iraq was trying to
purchase Nuclear material from Africa; claims that
have been proven to be lies and untrue. Should Line
Thomsen also ask that Lord Butler’s report be taken
down because it contains these lies and

As an Iraqi, I am surprised that Line Thomsen would
even consider such request. Do we only allow articles
and views that agree with ours and shut others out??
How different are we then from Saddam ???


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