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[casi-analysis] Baghdad Bulletin - a reply

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Dear list manager,

About a year ago, you published on your site a stinging critique of the
motives of the Baghdad Bulletin and speficly its founder Ralph Hassall.
Though the article is now a year old, the text offending and crucially
untrue, so I am writing this for you to take a moment to consider whether
the article could be taken down. The article is to be found on:

The Baghdad Bulletin has now been forced to close down as security became
incontrolable and one of the papers contributers, Richard Wild was shot.
All that is left of the half year that the paper called existed made is
what is to be found of it on the internet. It is therefore very sad to find
your scathing article of the efforts of a group of young Iraqi, Australian,
Canadian, Danish, English, German, Spanish, American and French journalists
putting their life at risk for the devastating stories of the Iraq war
aftermath to be told.

In the piece, it is written that:

-the Baghdad Bulletin team share printer with the US administration - not
true at all. In fact the American administration was on more hostile than
friendly terms with the Baghdad Bulletin staff.

- The Baghdad Bulletin staff are not listening to the Iraqi's or letting
them express themselves - When in fact half of the staff were Iraqi, and
the paper was printed both in English and Arabic.

-the Baghdad Bulletin team are there to eanr 'a bit of dosh'- in fact the
team paid for every issue of the paper from money each and every writer had
saved up.

The article is to be found on:
entitled [casi] Re: Baghdad Bulletin
From: "farbuthnot" <>

- I hope you will take the time to consider taking down the scathing review,
and if not, then at least publish my reply to it on the same site.

Thanks, and all the best

Line Thomsen

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