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RE: [casi-analysis] War in Iraq a fraud and a farce

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Sorry if this is a time waster but I really can't let this howler slip by
without comment.

Tom Young writes:

>The story of two cars being attacked in Falluja while more elaborate
>appears equally suspect.  Two versions can be found here
>Some quotes
>'"Down with the occupation, down with America," they shouted as they hurled
>rocks at the bodies, one of them headless, that dangled from the bridge
>over the Euphrates River, an AFP correspondent witnessed.
>Given the Euphrates River is over 100 kilometers away I consider this
>statement doubtful.  The Tigris isnt that close either.

A glance at a map is enough to blow this 'argument' away (Fallujah is
indeed right next to the Euphrates, not 'over 100 kilometers away'). But
then no doubt Tom will be able to produce some equally devastating reason
why all the maps in the world are wrong, or why I don't exist or why am part
of the conspiracy ...

Best wishes,

(writing in a personal capacity)

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