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[casi-analysis] War in Iraq a fraud and a farce

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Yesterday I wrote that I believed the "resistence" in Iraq was probably not a spontaneous occurance 
but highly choreographed.

The story of two civilian vehicles attacked in the same city are cases in point.

Firstly another story of car bomb that blew up in  Baquba supposedly injuring 12 people.
The caption says cyclists pass the wreckage of a car bomb.  This is sheer fantasy, this is not the 
wreckage of a car bomb, but just some old metal from a derelict car that has been thrown on the 
side of the road.  There is no sign of any explosion and no one is paying the slightest bit of 
attention to it.

The story of two cars being attacked in Falluja while more elaborate appears equally suspect.  Two 
versions can be found here

Some quotes

'"Down with the occupation, down with America," they shouted as they hurled rocks at the bodies, 
one of them headless, that dangled from the bridge over the Euphrates River, an AFP correspondent 
Given the Euphrates River is over 100 kilometers away I consider this statement doubtful.  The 
Tigris isnt that close either.

'As the flames died down men pulled one of the bodies out, laid it on the ground and mutilated it 
with shovels, hacking off parts and shouting "long live Islam."
"Fallujah will be the cemetery of the Americans," shouted one man, hiding his face with a scarf.
"We are ready to kill them all. We are waiting for them to return to take these bodies and cars, 
and we will then cut them all to pieces. Let them come back, if they are real men," he said. '

Etc etc
Amazing rubbish.  Watching the footage supplied by Reuters TV on the web (try their website) it is 
very clear, although edited that the TV camera was present from the very beginning of the incident.
This picture
Appears to be have been taken very soon after the vehicle was set alight, the TV footage shows 
molotovs being thrown.  Given that Falluja is some distance from Baghdad and that traffic is heavy 
and slow its impossible to see how media could be present to witness the drama, even if they set 
out immediately it began.  This was a staged event.  The street is deserted on both sides of the 
road, suggesting it has been sealed off. Normally Iraqi streets I have seen are choked with 
traffic.  There is only one person visible in the photo, noone appears to have escaped, although 
the doors of the Pajero are open.

Claims that there is footage of a US passport lying beside one of the charred bodies (I havent 
manage to confirm if the footage does exist) just confirms my belief this was a simulation.  US 
passports dont conveniently drop out of the pockets to await news media photographs.

In this photo (supposedly of Iraqi men mutilating a charred body - which, of course, is exactly 
what Iraqi men love to do in their spare time)
Is such a static and staged event.  There is absolutely no motion or emotion detectable in the 
crowd, with three men bend down in unison proding a charred something - most unlikely to be a human 

The claims of inhuman Iraqi brutality and mutilation are lies and dark hideously racist lies.  This 
is not the way Arabs or Iraqis behave.

This is a phony war, solely to justify continual Occupation presence.

This makes the Nazi and Soviet Information ministries look like models truth and fairness.

I know there is little point in saying this.

Tom Young

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