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[casi-analysis] privatizing education in Iraq?

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Note this statement from the article (URL included below)

      Iraqi education minister says schools to be fully reformed by 2007

      Symposium highlights new curriculum to erase baathism

(emphasis my own)

The 14-page document blamed the former regime of negligence, hijacking funds
to feed its military machine and of "politicizing" curriculums.  It also
backed the creation of private schools in Iraq, urged families to ensure
that girls are equally educated and called for the desegregation of schools
"to break the moral barrier between the sexes."

This is something to watch out for  the privatization of the education
system in Iraq.

_Rania Masri

"Let's save pessimism for better times."
written on a wall on a street in a South American city, and mentioned by
Eduardo Galeano.


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