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Re: [casi] ignorant iraqis

On December 20, 2002, Sama Hadad wrote:

> Dear list,
> here are some views of backstabbing Iraqis who have sold themselves
to the US. ignore these fools, they understand nothing about their
country, and merely represent a minority:
> Gulzar Ahmad  (Iraqi Widow), Jabari village, Kirkuk, Iraq:


> Abu Abbas (Shia exile), London, UK:


> Mam Rostam (Kurdish fighter),  Kirkuk, Iraq:

[snip and end]

Dear List,

As a non-Iraqi (I'm an American), I am curious as to the basis upon
which the preceding was written.  What evidence does Sama Hadad have
that these individuals have "sold themselves to the US"?  Upon what
basis does he say that they "understand nothing about their country"?
And finally, how am I to know -- besides taking Sama Hadad's words at
face value -- that these individuals constitute a "minority"?  These
claims, at present, rest only upon an implicit call to personal
authority.  I'd like to see the evidence.

At present, I can only assume that the writer believes that the pro-US
policy sentiments offered by these opposition members means that
they've sold their souls.  I imagine that if I made a similar, blatant
claim, say, that members of Voices in the Wilderness have "sold
themselves to Iraq", I would be roundly criticized on the list (and
rightly so).  Are all Iraqis who agree with US policy, then,
'backstabbers' or 'traitors'?


Brian Auten

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