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[casi] ignorant iraqis

Dear list,

here are some views of backstabbing Iraqis who have sold themselves to the US. ignore these fools, 
they understand nothing about their country, and merely represent a minority:

Gulzar Ahmad  (Iraqi Widow), Jabari village, Kirkuk, Iraq:

"I want this war to take place. I'm waiting for Saddam to go. We are afraid that if Saddam is 
cornered he will attack us and we have no means of responding to him or protecting ourselves"

Abu Abbas (Shia exile), London, UK:

"People have lost a lot already. They would pay the ultimate price, if they knew they were going to 
get something decent for their children"

Mam Rostam (Kurdish fighter),  Kirkuk, Iraq:

"With all the talk about an attack against Saddam, all my relatives and every other Kirkuki I know 
is are very excited and they have all joined the Peshmerga army to take part in liberating their 
homes. "

Of course, non-Iraqis living in the west know much better than this silly ignorant lot. Don't they 
know that there are more important things than what they want, like: opposing war (if it isn't 
called war, like Saddam murdering 2 million iraqis, then thats okay), opposing the US, (and for a 
minority) defending Saddam and his regime.

Sama Hadad

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