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Re: [casi] He was betrayed

 >He was betrayed

 >It might be the fate of men who dare to speak against injustices and
against tyrant Imperialist regimes to face >betrayal. Saddam Hussein was a
man of this Caliber Saddam Hussein was a man of vision. He has seen that
the >Arab people are divided, fragmented, destitute, robbed of their wealth
and dignity. To combat the miserable >situation that the Arabs faced, he
joined a nationalist movement that diagnosed the illness of the Arab
nation, a >movement that found the solution to put this nation on the right
track to restore its place in history. Like many >Arab youth in the fifties
he became a combatant in the Arab Baath Socialist Party struggling for
Unity, Freedom >and Socialism.

Saddam was a monsterous dictator who brought death and misery to thousands
of Iraqis, including Ba'athists.  That he opposed the imperialism of the
West does not excuse that, and indeed he was all too happy to accept the
help of the West, and the US CIA to aggrandize himself and secure power as
a US puppet -- much to the delight of the American imperialists and to the
detriment of the Iraqis.  First and foremost Saddam was for Saddam.  The
improvements he made in Iraq were secondary to that, and to his ambition
and ego, much like most other medieval potentates.

 >President Bush, his allies and stooges will never find peace. The Iraqi
resistance will continue. It will become >stronger, larger and more
sophisticated with Saddam and without him. Saddam Hussein’s vision was very
clear, his >strategy enlightens the freedom fighters that will continue the
jihad “struggle” until Iraq is liberated. Mr. Hussein >will be chastised
and will go as a national hero in history. He has paved the way.

 >The Arab and Muslim regimes have succumbed to the Imperialist ­Zionist
power. They chose to surrender and >further oppress their people in order
to satisfy their masters for pieces of silver like Judas of Iscariot. They are

All of the regimes have not succumbed -- and I can hardly dignify the
American-appointed ruling council with the term "regime".  Yet, for the
most part the ruling regimes of the Arab nations are not fulfilling their
responsibilities to the people, nor creating the conditions needed for them
to reach their potential. It is of no great benefit to be oppressed by Arab
dictators instead of Western dictators.

Of course the resistance will continue. Oppressed people always look to
resist their oppressors, regardless of who those are or who they are allied
with. To be successful the people must understand that liberation means not
just being liberated from external despots, but internal ones as well --
and many in Iraq DO understand that: chants of "No to Saddam and no to
US".  The highest ideals of the Ba'aths should be rekindled and developed:
pan-Arab association and cultural vitality with freedom for all
people.  Muslim extremism must give way to Muslim enlightenment, tolerance,
and compassion.  It is as counterproductive to ignore the faults of  Saddam
and Ba'athism as to ignore their virtues. Iraqis must forge a new vision of
Iraq which is expresses the dreams of the united Iraqi people and resistant
to both the horrors of the invaders and to those of Saddam.

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