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[casi] He was betrayed

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He was betrayed

It might be the fate of men who dare to speak against injustices and against tyrant Imperialist 
regimes to face betrayal. Saddam Hussein was a man of this Caliber Saddam Hussein was a man of 
vision. He has seen that the Arab people are divided, fragmented, destitute, robbed of their wealth 
and dignity. To combat the miserable situation that the Arabs faced, he joined a nationalist 
movement that diagnosed the illness of the Arab nation, a movement that found the solution to put 
this nation on the right track to restore its place in history. Like many Arab youth in the fifties 
he became a combatant in the Arab Baath Socialist Party struggling for Unity, Freedom and Socialism.

He and President Ahmad Hassan Al Baker nationalized the oil companies and Iraq was able to produce 
it and market it. A tremendous wealth was liberated and went to the coffer of the country. The 
economy flourished. The universities produced scientists that were able to advance the technology 
that Iraq was forbidden to have. Nationalist pride among the Iraqis and Arabs was restored. Hopes 
among the Palestinians to restore their legitimate historic rights to their country were boosted.

President Hussein has realized that "Israel" the illegitimate entity is armed to the teeth and it 
imposes constant danger to the Arabs, world security and peace. He strengthened Iraq with modern 
technology in order to face and deter the danger of this monstrous entity in Palestine.

The progress of Iraq did not please the West in general and the United States in particular. They 
were the ones who created ”Israel”, financed it, support it and protected it, and they still do. 
The consecutives US Administrations since 1947 have worked intensely to subdue and smother every 
Arab movement or government that called for radical change in the Arab World. The purpose of the 
Imperialist USA and its strategic ally, the Zionist entity, is to keep the Arab World divided, 
poor, undemocratic and deprived of its natural resources.

Iraq under the Saddam regime became the champion of the Arab World that challenged the tyranny of 
the United States and its the Zionists and for this reason Iraq was attacked for more than a 
decade. Its people suffered, millions died and became gravely ill. Madeline Albright the former 
secretary of State under Bill Clinton said publicly on CBS 60 minutes that the price is "worth it".

Now, the forces of evil captured President Saddam Hussein after they occupied Iraq and ruined its 
institutions. He became a prisoner of war; the modern Judases of Iscariot who sold their honor and 
country for pieces of silver betrayed him. Possibly he was wounded and drugged in the battle of Al 
Huweijah near Tikrit that lasted 30 hours.

President Bush, his allies and stooges will never find peace. The Iraqi resistance will continue. 
It will become stronger, larger and more sophisticated with Saddam and without him. Saddam 
Hussein’s vision was very clear, his strategy enlightens the freedom fighters that will continue 
the jihad “struggle” until Iraq is liberated. Mr. Hussein will be chastised and will go as a 
national hero in history. He has paved the way.

The Arab and Muslim regimes have succumbed to the Imperialist –Zionist power. They chose to 
surrender and further oppress their people in order to satisfy their masters for pieces of silver 
like Judas of Iscariot. They are looking forward to have a piece of the spoil. Iran, like the 
Zionist entity, wants to be part of the kangaroo court to condemn Iraq and its symbol of 
resistance. It is hoping to have 100 Billion dollars from its share of the robbery for plotting 
against the Iraqi people and helping the forces of occupation.






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