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[casi] British Arabs New Update and Easy Haj

Dear Friend and Colleague

After the long summer break, NABA is again stepping up its activities
these are LISTED AFTER THE FOLLOWING ADVERT for which NABA has received
a donation from EASY HAJ.

For Quality Hajj in comfort, EasyHajj is your guide
Dear Brother / Sister
Assalamu Alikum
The Hajj season is now approaching and you may be intending to perform
the Hajj. Departures for those wishing to perform the Hajj commence in
two months time.
You will find that our Hajj packages will suit a variety of needs
providing a choice concerning length of stay and level of comfort
leading to overall to ease of mind. We urge you to compare this package
with other like for like packages. You will find that for the facilities
on offer, our price is second to none.
Hajj is more than accommodation in Makkah and Madinah. Hajj includes
services from the moment of arrival at the airport till departure. For
guaranteed services, reliable ground operators, and hassle-free
arrangements contact EasyHajj at or 07905054441.


Seminar is to be held before departing for the Hajj. A qualified
lecturer will be giving the lecture from which you will learn about the
Hajj before you get engaged with the actual performance. The
philosophical and spiritual significance of Hajj will particularly be
discussed as well as the practical details of this great journey to be
undertaken by the fortunate ones. The seminar also provides video clips,
demonstrations and illustrative maps for the rituals. This will
transform the pilgrimage into being not only a spiritual journey, but
also one of knowledge.
During the lecture and afterwards you will have an opportunity to view
on video the actual rituals to be performed and the accommodation in
Saudi Arabia before you place your booking. All programme features are
available in two Languages: Arabic and English. Even if you decide not
to go this year you are most welcome to attend these lectures.
Saturday 6 December 2003, at Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (Al-Manar
Mosque), 244 Acklam Road, London W10 5YG (4 – 7 PM). The Nearest tube
station is Westbourne Park.
Please visit and refer the web address to friends. .
EasyHajj would like to thank you for distributing this email and raising
awareness amongst Muslims of this service.
Dr. Mousab Ebn Omier Adel
EasyHajj Limited


  1.    Meeting with Commission for Racial Equality on 27 November. 
This follows protracted conversations/correspondence during which we
have insisted to be treated as a single ethnic group as with other
ethnic groups rather than be subsumed by other categories.
  2.    First of several scheduled meetings with Race Relations
Sections of several unions - this will also be held on 27 November with
the representatives of the Teachers/Lecturers union.
  Having undertaken lengthy and frustrating correspondence/conversations
with the BMA International Committee, both through NABA and the Arab
Medical Association, I have now received a letter from the Chairman of
the International Committee regarding the BMA stance on Iraq.   I am
setting out below their answers to specific points we raised:-
  1.    Request for Fact Finding Visit to Iraq
          "...we feel that this would probably be best carried out
under the auspices of an international body such as the World Medical
Association or World Health Organisation.  We also need to bear in mind
the very difficult security situation out there, but it is certainly an
area we shall explore."
  2.    Training Opportunities for Iraqi Doctors
          "We are also very willing to work with bodies such as the
Royal Colleges to encourage training opportunities for Iraqi doctors,
and some of our members have suggested that hospital twinning might be a
good way of starting.  We certainly took your point about the need to
address the low morale of doctors in Iraq, and would like to help in an
effective manner.  Any suggestions you have would be most welcome".
  3.    Books and Journals to Iraq
          "We have been in touch with Dr Mahmood Adil of the
Department of  Health, who has in turn been building contacts in Iraqi
medical institutions with a view to restocking the libraries there.  We
are waiting to receive a list of required publications from his contacts
and hope that we may be able to supply at least some of these via our
BMA/BMJ Information Fund".
  End of report.
  Can you please have your feedback about any of the above, ie whether
you have suggestions for books needed from colleagues in Iraq, twinning
ideas with UK hospitals etc.  I will then feed these back to the
International Committee when I next meet them.
With kind regards

---- N A B A
The National Association of British Arabs

Tel/Fax:        ++44 (0)1780 765 655
Address:        PO Box 77, Stamford PE9 2WQ, UK.

NABA is an independent British organisation working for the interests of the
Arab community within Britain.  It encourages a positive Arab contribution to
British life and promotes integration without surrendering Arab identity.  It
works to build bridges with the indigenous population and other ethnic groups
and promote positive media awareness of Arabs, their heritage and culture and
their views.  In addition it seeks to initiate better collective communications
with local and central government and NGOs to address the difficulties faced by
Arabs within Britain in respect of unemployment, racial discrimination, etc.
Membership is open to all individuals and organisations
interested in Arab culture and affairs.

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