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[casi] A joke called the IGC!

Another humiliation of the IGC..

First the few members of the IGC in Iraq (Bremer says
usually only 4-5 are present) meet and decide to send
a letter to the U.N. Security Council asking for a
resolution on its timetable for ending the U.S.

A few hours later, a senior U.S. official (who didn’t
want to be identified) comes out to say the letter was
sent in error!! He continues to insult people’s
intelligence (or maybe that is how "intelligent" he
is) by telling us that the error happened when
“somebody dropped a draft in the mail”, as if such
letters are sent by ordinary mail..

Very soon after that, a spokesman for the IGC is woken
up after midnight in Baghdad to make a statement
saying that the letter was sent by mistake!!

And somebody wantsto tell us the IGC is independent
and that IT decides and orders Bremer to implement..

Here is a report from Reuters


Iraqis Sent Letter to UN in Error, U.S. Says
Tue November 25, 2003 06:42 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Iraqi Governing Council has
told the United States a letter it delivered to the
U.N. Security Council on Monday asking for a
resolution on its timetable for ending the U.S.
occupation was a draft version and was sent in error,
U.S. officials said on Tuesday.
The final version dilutes the Governing Council's
request that the Security Council pass a new
resolution enshrining the Iraqis' timetable for ending
the U.S. occupation, said one senior U.S. official,
who asked not to be identified.

"Apparently somebody dropped a draft in the mail and
the final version doesn't have the same language," he

"They (the Governing Council) don't have a hard
position on the time frame for seeking a U.N.
resolution and they would want to reflect that in
their final version," he added.

The Governing Council, a mainly advisory group of 25
people selected by the United States, sent the letter
to inform the Security Council of its proposals for a
timetable for gradually transferring power from the
occupation authorities to an elected and sovereign
Iraqi government.

The timetable, worked out with U.S. and British
officials, was due on Dec. 15 and arrived three weeks
early. It was requested in an Oct. 16 Security Council
resolution that created a multinational force in Iraq.

The Governing Council said it would select a
"provisional legislative body" no later than May 31,

This assembly would elect a provisional government by
the end of June 2004 at which time "the Coalition
Provisional Authority will be dissolved and the
occupation ... will end," the letter said.

A new constitution would be drafted by March 15, 2005,
and then presented to Iraqis in a referendum, after
which a general election for a new government is to
take place before Dec. 31, 2005, according to the
letter, sent by Governing Council Chairman Jalal

"In light of what had transpired, it has become
appropriate for the Security Council to adopt a new
resolution taking into consideration the new
circumstances," Talabani wrote.

© Reuters 2003. All Rights Reserved.

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