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Re: [casi] General Nizar Al Khazraji

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Since I do not know the source I can't vouch for it. But, personally, that's
the last I heard from him.
Marc Azar
Reports: CIA candidate to lead Iraq assassinated 14-04-2003,15 :42 (image)
Nizar Khazraji Nizar Khazraji, a prominent Iraqi general who defected to the
West, was assassinated Monday on his way to attend a U.S.-called meeting of
opposition groups in the southern city of Nassiriya.
Khazraji was sometimes mentioned as a possible successor to Saddam Hussein. In
February last year, London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat quoted opposition
sources in Syria as saying the US had chosen Khazraji to run Iraq after the
overthrow of Saddam.
The CIA was reported to have helped him escape to Kuwait from house arrest in
Denmark, where prosecutors were investigating his alleged role in gas attacks
on the Iraqi Kurds.
A former Iraqi military chief-of-staff, who turned against Saddam in 1996, he
has publicly declared that he was prepared to lead a rebel army into Iraq.
"All real Iraqis want to overthrow this regime and I am one of them," he
declared from his home in Denmark.
General Khazraji first came to prominence during the Iran-Iraq war of the1980
s, and by the end of that decade had been made head of the country's armed
forces. He claimed to have warned Saddam during the Gulf War that the invasion
of Kuwait had been a mistake.
He subsequently fell from favour and in 1995 fled to Kurdish-controlled
northern Iraq, travelling on from there to Jordan. In1998 , he applied for
political asylum in Denmark and since the late1990 s he has lived there.
In late2001 , Danish police launched an investigation into allegations that
General Khazraji had been involved in the poison gas attack on the Kurdish
town of Halabjah in March1988 .
The general has rejected these allegations, dismissing them as black
propaganda spread by Baghdad in order to discredit him. (
farbuthnot a écrit:

Hi List,

Just following up on the above, who does seem to have seriously vanished
currently. Not a minor blip.  Last I can find is the spiriting away from
Denmark in April. He was a key player, it wld seem in US plans, but as far
as I can see has vanished traceless. The word was (my last query) was he'd
been spirited to Kuwait, then it was Kurdistan (surely not given his alleged
role in Halabja) but now, nothing.

Wondering if there is any material on the Arabic media or M East grapevine?

Best, f.

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