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[casi] Oil for Food program now funding US companies involved in recontruction?

In my last submission I send the the press release of the Kurdistan regional government complaining 
that more than 50% of their share of the Oil for Food programme remained unallocated and 
unaccounted for.

By looking at the UN website, one begins to see why 
this might be the case.

The current allocation includes
"The approved plan forwarded to the President of the Security Council on 6 January, totals US$4.93 
billion. Although less than Iraq's submission for phase Xll ($5 billion), the plan maintains the 
food sector's share at almost $1.27 billion. The balance, covering 24 other sectors, includes: 
$359.5 million for the rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation systems, more than $272 
million for electrical power supply, $143 million for the medical sector, and a special allocation 
of almost $344 million for especially vulnerable groups."

That is, more than 1 billion going towards reconstruction including towards water supply, 
saniatation and power supply.  Not uncoincidently at the same time we read about the companies that 
have successfully be granted contracts for reconstruction.
Predominantly US companies such as Bechtel, Fluor corporation, Halliburton etc.  As the occupying 
power, presumably the US command now has the authority to spend the Oil for Food programme monies 
as it sees fit.  It is hardly surprising therefore that this is the first time that anywhere close 
to the requested allocation (and income stream) has been granted by the UN.

It now becomes clearer just why such large sums of the Oil for Food programme money has been 
allowed to accumulate and why we can look forward to it being soon swiftedly spent...and who it is 
who will profit from it.

(Lets not mention compensation for the destruction caused by illegal, unprovoked invasions - that 
has still to be determined - but one suspects that will only cover Iraqs invasion of Kuwait, not 
the US invasion of Iraq).

Tom Young

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