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[casi] 'Something fishy' on disappeared scientists

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U.S. Forces Detain Dozens Of Iraqi Scientists

Faleh Hassan, an Iraqi scientist, was interrogated by the U.S. forces
By Aus Al-Sharqi, IOL Baghdad Correspondent
BAGHDAD, August 16 ( & News Agencies) ­ Baghdad University
rector Dr. Samy Ahmed Al-Mozaffer declared that the U.S. Occupation forces
detained tens of Iraqi scientists, including a number of senior university
professors from Baghdad, Mustansiriya and the Technological universities.
³There is something fishy behind such detentions, as interviews are held
with university professors in secret and we donıt know what is happening
during them,² Al-Mozaffer said in statements he made to reporters Friday,
August 15.
³We drew the professorsı attention to the necessity of avoiding any dialogue
with foreign bodies that have intentions and targets to the detriment of the
interests of the country,² he added.
Al-Mozaffer pointed out that the U.S. occupation forces detained Dr. Alice
Krikour, professor of Bacteriology, then released her in 10 days. They have
also detained Dr. Hazem Mohamed Ali of the faculty of medicine, without
releasing him so far.
³We asked them [the scientists who have been detained then released] about
the investigations but got no accurate information. Some said: The questions
were about the past armament program,² Mozaffer said.
Replying a question posed by about the measures taken by the
university president in this regard, Dr. Mozaffer said, ³Iıve talked with
all parties concerned, I sent a list of the names of those detained
professors to the head of the civil administration. Yet, the problem
Immigration To The States
Commenting on this news, Mohammed Majid, a holder of an MD in life sciences,
said, ³I think the Americans try to persuade those scientists to immigrate
to the U.S.. They aim to allure those scientists to travel to the states in
return for some privileges. They also try to rob Iraq out of its scientific
minds to make it a consumer country only.²
Majid pointed out that the U.S. ³has tried through investigation committees
to persuade several scientists to work abroad following the previous deposed
On his part, Hamid Hashim Al-Amery, a lecturer in the Technological
University, said, ³Education sector suffered a lot during the pre-war era
and was exposed to huge pressures under the deposed Presidentıs regime. This
has led to the immigration of Iraqi scientists.²
³My father is a scientist who is specialized in the chemical field. He was
summoned by the investigation committees before the war. Four days ago, a
friend of his called and suggested to immigrate to the states to live a
better life and obtain the U.S. nationality but my father categorically
refused,² Soad Abdel Karim, an Iraqi citizen, said.

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