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[casi] Spamming bei Darin Zeilweger

Dear List

Spamming to the list by Darin Zeilweg, who subscribed and spammed us under
alternatively '', and now under, has been sorted out, I think. As all postings are
currently moderated (i.e. have to be approved by the list moderator), his
are simply discarded and do not make it to the list.

However, he appears to have built himself an own list, probably from the
email addresses in the public list archives, so he can spam list
subscribers without having to go through the list. He seems to be using the
following email address for this:

There is little we can do about this. Your best bet probably is to simply
block all emails from his addresses (should be possible in your email
options). You can also report him to (,
explaining briefly what he has been up to. If you do, make sure you give
them his email and IP - best bet probably is simply to forward an email of
his to them - so they can identify him (assuming he is still not
sophisticated enough to falsify his email). They ought to do something...
whether they will, is quite a different question.

In the hope that the Darin Chapter in list history is nearing its close,

Nicholas Martin
CASI Lists Manager -

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