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[casi] Phone networks, Iridium, tendering

Dear list
Some queries on contracts for wireless/mobile phone networks in Iraq:

1. I recall that there are 2 kinds of mobile phone networks - one used
by the US, one used by Europe - sorry to be disorganised, but can
someone send me a reference, thanks.  Which one do most Arab countries

Does anyone know which kind is used by the Iridium Satellite group (see
report below)?

2. How does the Iridium contract (again, see report below) fit in with
the tendering process for wireless phone networks (see Peter Brooke's
news roundup of 7 August:

Is it part of the same set of contracts or something different?
Israeli firm wins public telephone contract in Iraq
Iridium Satellite Israel is supplying Iraq with public telephones worth
four to five million dollars. The global satellite voice and data
communication provider was authorized last month by the office of the
Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to sell its mobile satellite
communications services, subscriber terminals, and related equipment in

According to CEO of Iridium Satellite Israel Ami Schneider, the order
was placed by a Jordanian company, reported Globes. The company also
plans to market several thousands of mobile telephones in Iraq.

Israel’s Minister of Finance Benjamin Netanyahu signed a general permit
late last month authorizing trade with Iraq. The new agreement
normalizes commercial and financial ties between the two countries,
marking the Jewish state’s recognition of Iraq as a hostile-free nation.

Israeli companies can now trade and invest in Iraq without facing any
sanctions from the government. A group of Israeli industrial
representatives reportedly made a trip to Baghdad this past June in
order to scope out business opportunities related to the reconstruction

Iridium Satellite Israel is a subsidiary of the privately held
corporation Iridium Satellite. The company acquired the assets of the
Iridium company in December of 2000. It is a provider of global
satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth.
Through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites
operated by the Boeing Company, Iridium delivers communication services
to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is

Iridium currently provides service to the US Department of Defense under
a multi-year contract. Iridium Satellite Israel is owned by Iridium
Satellite Solutions' regional operators in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus,
Eastern Europe, and East Africa, and a group of investors headed by
Schneider. — (

Cathy Aitchison

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