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[casi] FREE CAMPAIGN POSTCARDS: Stop the Corporate Invasion of Iraq

Dear List Members,

Voices UK has just produced a NEW CAMPAIGN POSTCARD to Tony Blair about the
corporate invasion of Iraq and US/UK plans to privatise Iraq's economy (see
text below). Copies of Voices UK's two previous cards - about the current
humanitarian situation and about Iraq's debt - are also available.

All three cards are ideal for mailings or for use at local anti-war stalls /
events and can be viewed on-line at

WELCOME) CAN BE OBTAINED BY CONTACTING THE VOICES OFFICE: or tel. 0207 837 0561. Please specify which -
and how many - cards you want.

Best wishes,

ARROW / Voices UK


In February 2003 - before the invasion of Iraq had even begun - the US
Government 'drafted sweeping plans to remake Iraq's economy ... based on
free-market principles' (Wall Street Journal, 1st May). These plans include
'the mass privatisation of Iraqi industry' - including Iraq's oil sector -
and 'fundamental tax reform.' Similar 'economic restructuring' elsewhere has
led to corruption, massive job losses, poverty and gaping inequality.

US corporations such as Bechtel and Halliburton, with close links to the
Bush administration, have already been awarded lucrative contracts for
'postwar reconstruction' and stand to profit still further from the war now
that the US and Britain control Iraq's oil revenues. The British Government
are now encouraging UK companies to take part.

According to a senior US adviser to the Iraqi ministry of industry and
minerals, 'the privatisation of dozens of Iraqi companies is likely to begin
within the next year' (Financial Times, 8th June). Yet it is unclear whether
elections will even have taken place by then.

The future of Iraq's economy is a matter for the Iraqi people - not the US
and British governments or US/UK corporations. I demand that Iraq's people
be allowed to determine their own economic future - and to control their own
natural resources - free from foreign interference.


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